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iPhone Dev 101: Creating Xcode projects, brief Xcode UI overview

In our last iPhone Dev 101, a continuing series on iPhone development, we talked about resources that you can use while you are coding with Cocoa. In this dev post, I'm going to walk you through Xcode and creating your first project. First we need to open Xcode, so once you have the SDK installed, y...

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iPhone Dev 101: Downloading and Installing the iPhone SDK

We're continuing our series of iPhone Dev 101 posts -- a TUAW feature devoted to beginning iPhone developers. I'm going to spend a little time talking about where to download and how to install the SDK. Let's first talk about what exactly an SDK is. A software development kit is a set of tools and ...

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iPhone Dev 101: Introduction

Welcome to the iPhone Dev 101 series. This series on TUAW is designed to tell readers about iPhone development, and give potential iPhone developers a look at the iPhone. In this introductory post, I'll walk you through some of the most asked questions about the iPhone & App Store. These posts w...

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