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DevJuice: Forage offers SQLite query GUI for devs

The OS X Forage (US$9.99) app provides a simple query and editing interface for SQLite databases. This app targets developers who use pre-built databases for iOS, OS X and Web deployment. It enables them to test and refine queries as well as to edit table data, and do so outside of the command lin...

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Xcode 4.4.1 released as standalone app

Apple has finished smoothing out its Xcode releases with version 4.4.1, which finally brings Xcode out as a standalone app. Instead of just including the developer tools (such as legacy simulators and optional command-line tools), it now has sectioned those off into a separate downloads prefere...

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Video Introduction to Cocoa

Over at Theocacao Scott Stevenson has posted the video of his Introduction to Cocoa talk (entitled "Best of Both Worlds") aimed at those who want to learn a bit about Apple's preferred API for building OS X applications. The talk runs to over 90 minutes and includes "an introduction to Xcode, Inter...

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Flickr Find: Twitter in Mac OS X developer tools

An avid reader of TUAW, Chris Thomson, sent us a link to a Flickr picture (being the nosy people we are, we clicked the link). What we found surprised us -- a Twitter Quartz Composer composition was included as a part of the Mac OS X developer tools for Leopard. "Twitterverse," when tweaked right,...

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Xray your code with new dev tool

A few tipsters have dropped us notes (thanks!) that on Apple's Developer Tools page, there's a new tool. Along with Xcode and Dashcode, there's a new, very pretty app called Xray. The flavor text itself says the app takes "interface cues from timeline editors such as GarageBand," so what we're loo...

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Neat iSight trick - Seeing you, seeing me

Caught this on MacInTouch and I'm still a little freaked out by it. If you have an iSight camera, check out this neat trick. It's not magic, really, it's just a QuickTime movie embedded in a web page, but the fact that it displays YOUR iSight, even though it's not your web page is a little disconce...

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