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Tag: DigitalPhotography

Apple iPhone among most important digital cameras

PopPhoto recently compiled a list detailing the 30 most important digital cameras of all time. Not surprisingly, and quite deservedly, Apple's original iPhone made the cut. Sure, manufacturers like Nokia and Sony Ericsson had long been producing camera phones with better optics and more features w...

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Apple issues RAW compatibility update for OS X 10.8

Do you like it RAW? Fans of the minimally processed image file format should head out to the Mac App Store today for another in a series of RAW compatibility updates for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Today's update features updates for three new Canon cameras (Canon EOS-1D C, EOS Rebel SL1 and EOS Reb...

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Apple taking ownership of patents acquired from Kodak

Last year, a group of 12 licensees bid on 1,100 digital photography patents that were being sold by Kodak as part of bankruptcy proceedings. Although the venerable photography company was hopeful that the sale would be enough to help it restructure, the portfolio sold for only US$525 million to th...

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ITC rules for Kodak in Apple patent infringement complaint

The ITC handed down its final judgment in a patent infringement case Apple filed against Kodak. In a setback for Apple, the panel let the initial decision stand and ruled in favor of Kodak. On May 12, ITC Judge Robert Rogers found one of Apple's patents was invalid and that Kodak did not violat...

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HP wants your "AirPrint Moments;" photo contest underway

HP currently has the only printers on the market that provide a direct, out-of-the-box printing experience for iOS devices using AirPrint. AirPrint-enabled printers like the HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One are great for printing photos that you've taken from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad 2,...

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ITC issues partial ruling against Kodak in patent-infringement case

Today was the day that the ITC was supposed to make a ruling about the patent infringement case it filed against Apple and RIM in early 2010, and sure enough, the word is out. The commission is upholding an earlier ruling by one of its judges which basically threw out the main image preview pat...

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Adobe demos Photoshop on the iPad

Photography Bay has posted a rather exciting video, taken at Adobe's Photoshop World 2011 keynote, that demonstrates a "concept" Photoshop app for the iPad. Although you can already get Adobe's Photoshop Express app for the iPad, what's demoed in the video simply blows that out of the water. ...

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Photoshop Express for iOS enhances camera features

Adobe updated its Photoshop Express application for iOS to version 2.0. Photoshop Express is a basic photo editing and sharing application for Apple's suite of iOS 4.2-compatible devices. The updated application now includes support for the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch as w...

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Flare from The Iconfactory: Awesome photo editing app for Mac

One of the joys of photography with the iPhone is that there are a huge number of apps for the platform that let you work with your photos to apply cropping, add filters and effects, and then share those photos with others. Sure, we have apps like iPhoto and Photoshop Elements, but to me they're n...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Do I need to upgrade to Aperture?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I have a ~100 GB iPhoto '11 library. I currently have it on an external FireWire drive because I didn't originally have space on my internal drive. All that has changed, and I am now looking for tips on how best to manage this library and be able to back it up regularly. iPhoto...

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Win a copy of Zoom Lens for your iPhone

I checked out Zoom Lens [iTunes link] over the weekend, and I'll say that as far as zoom tools go, this one is great. A simple interface, simple use and the images look pretty good. Of course, you'll be less impressed when you view them on your Mac, because Zoom Lens, like all iPhone apps of the sam...

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CameraBag makes it to the desktop

We took a look at CameraBag for the iPhone in June. It's a nifty little app that applies several pre-set filters to your photos. Now, the developers have released an almost identical app for the desktop. Users got hooked on the ease of adding filters and altering photos, and they wanted it on their...

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Creaceed's HDR photography contest

Although many TUAW contests are limited to North American participants, here's a contest sponsored by a Belgian Mac development firm that is open to everybody! Creaceed's Hydra 1.6 software is a Leopard-only solution for creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs. If you're not familiar with H...

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Photon 1.1 Released

Photon, the speedy digital photo workflow app and labor of love from Mike Bernardo's Green Volcano Software, has been updated to v1.1. Photon differs from Aperture, Photoshop, and the like by focusing on the front end of the photography workflow. Importing RAW images from DSLRs is fast, and Photon'...

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'Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.0' Is Out

If you happen to be a photographer who likes to take digital photos using the RAW format, then Apple has just released an update you might want to take a look at and, perhaps, even apply. Appearing today in Software Update is what Apple calls the "Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.0." Accord...

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