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Cydle i30 is a digital TV receiver for iPhone

Can't get enough of watching the local TV stations? Cydle has a solution coming for your iPhone. The soon-to-be-released Cydle i30 is a digital TV receiver "sled" for the iPhone. Featuring its own 1100 mAh battery, it'll snag that local PBS outlet, four Spanish-language stations, and three fu...

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The Tube 2.7: TV Streaming via iChat

The folks who brought you the TubeStick USB digital TV tuners have released The Tube 2.7. Equinux is providing this free upgrade to The Tube, the software component of the TubeStick products. The new version enhances the timeshifting and electronic program guide features of The Tube 2.6, and adds ev...

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Equinux TubeStick: Bargain DVB-T Tuner

You lucky Europeans! Equinux is selling a new DVB-T tuner for the Mac for only €39.95 (about $52.50 in US currency). It is a little hard to get many details at the website, but it looks like a DVB-T-only tuner (digital terrestrial) built into a small USB plug in that ships with an antenna and a...

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