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If you have ever created a DMG image using Disk Utility, you know how hard it can be. iDMG hopes to make this process easier. This application allows you to easily drag and drop files, applications, or whatever you choose onto iDMG, select a few options and hit the "Create button." The only downs...

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Quick tip: fixing Safari's fumbles

Have you ever downloaded a file using Safari and ended up with an extension like .dmg.bz2, only to find that no amount of double clicking will actually get you to a mountable disk image? Here's the down and dirty: Safari has a habit of guessing at what you're downloading and appending an extension f...

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BlueFlash: Bluetooth for the Apple II

Never say die to the old Apple II. A hacker named Vinchysky has melded a Disk ][ controller card with a Xilinx FPGA, which in normal-person-speak means he's enabled you to plug a Bluetooth dongle into an Apple II. The hookup itself is basically just a USB connection, so you could conceivably trans...

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Apple Support doc: retrieve files from an Archive and Install directory

I probably wipe my Macs once or twice a year, sometimes after a particularly grueling semester of work and screwing around with loads of 3rd party haxies and utilities in the name of TUAW. Each time I go through this hand-washing process, I make sure my continuous backup (thanks to Econ Technologies...

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Make a Delivery Automator app

I haven't tested this yet, but Make a Delivery sounds like a handy little Automator action that will create a .dmg file from the Finder items you have selected, then attach that .dmg to an email. One quirky thing, however, is that you have to move a resource folder into your Applications directory; ...

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BackityMac 1.0 - easy backup, restore and maintenance

BackityMac is a really handy, really simple to use backup and restore utility that allows you to chose from a number of different application support directories to backup into a good ol' fashioned read-only disk image. The list of library and support folders includes: Mail Entourage Keychai...

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