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Stick 'Em Up: An enhanced replacement for Apple's Stickies

For anyone looking to get just a little bit more out of the Stickies app that Apple includes on every Mac, Stick Em Up by Jim McGowan might just be the app for you. Since he also writes Do It, the powerful todo list manager that we're a fan of, McGowan seems to have an eye for improving other app...

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Do It updated to version 2.5

Jim McGowan's Do It is a handy little todo manager we found back in February that is fairly feature-packed and well integrated with Mac OS X. It offers .Mac syncing of todos, an Address Book plug-in, iCal export/import and even a Quicksilver plug-in for quick todo entry. The app has been progressing...

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Do It

Do It is quite possibly the most feature-packed mini-todo widget app ever written. For a birds-eye view, it features integration with Quicksilver, Address Book and iCal, as well as .Mac syncing and AppleScript-ability. As Tim Gaden puts it: the only thing missing is a kitchen sink. Fundamentally, D...

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