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Two lost Doctor Who serials released as iTunes exclusives

The BBC has discovered 11 Doctor Who episodes from the late 1960s in Nigeria. Nine of those episodes were originally lost after the BBC junked the original tapes in the '60s. The newly discovered episodes have been released as iTunes exclusives as part of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. The episod...

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BBC now allowing iPlayer downloads to tablets, phones

The Guardian reports that the BBC is now allowing free mobile iPlayer downloads, which means the latest episodes of series such as Doctor Who and Top Gear can be downloaded to tablets and mobile phones. Unlike other streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, BBC iPlayer users will be able to dow...

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Dalek Webcam

Yesterday, I posted about the Tardis USB Hub. Today, I bring you another essential Mac peripheral, the Dalek Webcam. Like the Tardis hub, the webcam is made by Wesco Products, which seems to have a Doctor Who license from the BBC. They also manufacturer a Dalek USB Flash Memory Stick. As many of yo...

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My Mac needs a Tardis

The boys at BoingBoing stumble across so many wonderful things--and today they've topped themselves again. A Tardis-shaped USB hub. I want one. No, I need one. Not just for me, but for my Mac. Because I'm unselfish like that. Call me a geek, call me a nerd, whatever. The Tardis-hub has 4 ports and ...

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