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Tag: DogDaysOfSummer

Dog Days of Summer: Doggy Dashboard

Yeah, there's nothing cuter than a puppy ... unless it's a puppy that is sitting on a new (in 2009) 13" MacBook Pro keyboard. This is Kevin, and his human Don Jones says: This photo is from a few years back when Kevin was a puppy. I was trying to teach him to sit beside me while I worked, but as...

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Dog Days of Summer: Break Time

So there you are, hard at work on your MacBook Pro when you hear the pitter-patter of paws on the floor. You ignore it. Then you feel a nudge at your leg, hear a little whine. You still ignore it; you've got work to do. Then you look over to the side of your MacBook Pro and see this -- looks like...

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Dog Days of Summer: iDog

What do you call a Manhattan-based Maltese who's into using a keyboard-equipped iPad? iDog! Owner Nicole Beauchamp sent us this adorable photo of her pup, which appears to be trying to figure out if it wants to fire up Safari or Mail! If you have a Dog Days nominee to share, let us know via our...

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Dog Days of Summer: DeeDee the iOS Deeveloper

TUAW reader Anya Mallon of Visual Candy Apps sent us this photo of her Great Dane assistant, DeeDee. According to Anya, DeeDee is our fawn Great Dane girl who lives / works / and plays beside us in Surrey, UK and she loves climbing up and peering into our iMac's especially to join us during a...

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Dog Days of Summer: Max versus the iPad

Max (short for Maximilian) the pug knows he's the most important thing in owner Jyri Jokirinta's life, so he gets a little bit jealous when Jokrinta pays more attention his iPad than to Max. As Jokrinta notes: "When this picture was taken Max got wild. My wife took the picture and tried to...

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Dog Days of Summer: The MacBook Pro chew toy

There probably isn't a day that goes by that Rory's human Dave Moczulski doesn't silently thank Jony Ive for deciding to make the MacBook Pro out of aluminum instead of rubber or rawhide... If you've got a Dog Days nominee to share, let us know via our feedback page (and please remember that the...

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Dog Days of Summer: Harry, the black lab from London

If you're ever reading one of the articles I write for TUAW and notice a typo, chances are it's because of this black lab. This is Harry ("Harold" to close friends), who lives with me in London. Whenever I'm writing he's usually sitting right next to me and will let me know it's time to stop and...

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Dog Days of Summer: A blogger and his dog

TUAW blogger Richard Gaywood is admired by many in the Apple community for his insightful, well-reasoned, and often mathematically rigorous treaties on a variety of tech topics. But what his fans don't know is that Richard has a writing assistant who provides both input and editing...

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Dog Days of Summer: Mika's iPad

Mika is a Bernese Mountain Dog with a mission: watching video of puppies on his human's iPad. "Mika watching Bernese Mountain puppies on my iPad, complete with Steve Jobs' bio in the background (though don't know how much he appreciates the narrative). He actually climbed up when he heard the...

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Dog Days of Summer: On the deck

Despite the protestations of cat lovers around the world, we're giving dogs a chance to show their stuff on Saturdays this summer. Our submission this week looks like a lot of fun; hanging out on the deck in the sun with a couple of canine friends (it appears there's another one laying on the...

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The Dog Days of Summer: Can we set up my new iMac now?

OK, TUAW readers who are also dog owners owned by dogs. You've seen enough of our Caturday cats for a while, and now it's your turn to show us your iMac/MacBook/Mac Pro/iPad/iPhone/iPod-using canine. To start off this summer's dog days, we've gone out to a Tumblr that specializes in canine Apple...

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