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Dollar Store Accessories: What ¥100 buys you

America has the dollar store. Japan has the ¥100 store. TUAW has been covering iOS accessorizing on the cheap in a series of recent posts. Today, the focus turns international. TUAW reader TokyoJoe writes, "This pic is from Daiso, one of the biggest ¥100 shop chains in Tokyo. They have a ...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Laptop Stand

Today's Dollar Store find is a laptop stand. The adjustable laptop stand offers a way to lend your MacBook a slight tilt for more comfortable typing for touch typists. It consists of four arms that swing out from a central hub, supporting the front and back of the laptop's lower half. As Dollar St...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Screen Protector

Full disclosure: I don't entirely get the point of screen protectors. My screens, from touch-based to desktop, have all survived entirely fine until this moment without them. The dollar store iPad-specific screen protector comes with an entire page of directions on the obverse of the container. You...

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Dollar Store Accessories: USB car charger

For a dollar, this USB car charger is quite adorable. Rated at 1 amp and surprisingly well built, I could find nothing to fault with this unit except that I bought it at the Dollar Store. Let me back up for a second here. Almost none of the other US$1 accessories I have purchased to date have an e...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Case Logic Flash drive carrier

In this brave new age of the Cloud, it's not surprising that USB flash drives are slowly disappearing from our lives. That's not to say they're gone quite yet -- especially for anyone parenting school kids. Flash drives continue to be a staple for the homework and term report crowd. They commute t...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Flip stand case

Not every Dollar Store accessory is going to be a great success and, sadly, this case with a built-in stand was an utter piece of crap. I selected it for review because I rather liked the notion of a flip stand, especially for watching YouTube videos and the like. The case clicked onto my 4S easi...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Velcro cable zips

My Dollar Store regularly sells Velcro cable zips, offering between five and 10 for a dollar. Sometimes they're black (as shown here); other times they're rainbow-colored. The Dollar Store version was my gateway drug. When I discovered I could buy the same zips in bulk over at Amazon (100 ties for...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Flat-folding tablet stand is perfect for iPads

Of all the Dollar Store accessories I've tested to date, none of them has come close to exciting me as much as this simple folding tablet stand. For just a buck (of course!), this stand delivers heavy-duty plastic that capably supported every tablet I tested it with. The stand folds in half in th...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Screen cleaning wipes

Next up on our tour of dollar store iOS tech accessories are screen-cleaning wipes. Wipes play an important role with touch-based screens, even in the age of oleophobic (oil-repelling) displays. At US$0.05 per wipe, this box of 20 screen wipes compares favorably in price to those large boxes you m...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Tablet sleeves

Continuing with our series exploring dollar store accessories, I recently picked up a pair of sleeves compatible with original and bite sized mini iPads. Widely available at most dollar stores, low-cost sleeves provide utilitarian tablet protection. The ones I bought and tested consisted of a spon...

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Dollar Store Accessories: The GoJo iPhone Headphone

Of all the ridiculous tech in the world, the GoJo iPhone headset has got to be among the most ridiculous. It consists of a headband that attaches to your phone, enabling you to make literally (groan) hands-free calls. It works courtesy of a suction cup and attachment point stickers. You clean the b...

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