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Apple takes on porn sites in domain name dispute

Apple has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) against seven domain names featuring the word iPhone that forward to mobile porn sites -- including one site called iPhone4s.com. The latter is especially worrisome, since it matches the name of Apple's new a...

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Apple goes on a domain name shopping spree

Apple has bought at least 50 domain names in the last three days. While many of the domain names are related to features of Lion or iOS 5 that were introduced at WWDC on Monday, it's unlikely Apple will use most of the domain names as active URLs. Instead, Apple probably just snapped them up to...

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Apple now owns FaceTime.com

Apple debuted its FaceTime video calling service when it launched the iPhone 4 in June 2010. The Cupertino company faced a potential trademark conflict with FaceTime Communications, a company that delivers a unified communications platform for enterprise businesses. Rather than fight the compan...

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Verizon grabbing iPhone domains

A report circulating over the holiday weekend suggests Verizon is buying up Verizon iPhone-related domain names in anticipation of an impending CDMA iPhone launch. The domain names, iphoneonverizon.com and iphoneforverizon.com, were transferred to Verizon Wireless Trademark Services, LLC, a company...

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DomainBrain 1.1

The Iconfactory's Anthony Piraino has just released the latest version of his domain management tool, DomainBrain. If you aren't familiar with DomainBrain, it is a really, really slick way to keep track of all of your domain information, like various logins, directories, passwords, in one nice and t...

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