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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Pinch 2 HD

You may remember Pinch, a drag-and-drop platformer that we featured a while back. The idea was that you dragged colored orbs around a map, navigating them through obstacles of various kinds and even combining or tearing them apart in order to line them up correctly. That game was well received,...

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Beta Beat: Droplr adds to the quick-share repertoire

One of my favorite features in OS X is the ability to drag pretty much anything, drop it on pretty much anything else, and have the item be contextually useful in some other application. So pervasive is this gesture that we even waxed romantically about it some time ago. An example of this would be ...

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Mac 101: Quickly change directory in save/open dialogs

More Mac 101, our series of tips for new Mac OS X users. Have you ever tried to open or save a file, and you want to quickly change from the directory (folder) you are browsing to another directory? It might be simpler than you think, and it doesn't require you to go searching for the directory fr...

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An easy way to import NetNewsWire feeds into Safari

Well color me surprised - after trying a few convoluted methods for exporting some of my NetNewsWire feeds in a format that Safari could import (as RSS, not HTML links to real sites), I finally realized that either Brent Simmons and/or Apple have already done some of the heavy lifting. If you tog...

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Terminal Tip: Interactive Command-line File Encryption

In OS X, you can always toss a file onto the command line instead of laboriously typing out a complete path name because Terminal supports drag and drop. Over at Murphymac, Murphy has posted a video showing you how to create a shell script using DES3 encryption to protect your files. It takes advan...

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The Little Things: Drag and drop

TUAW reader Chris Roberts was right: it's been far too long since our last post in The Little Things series, so I figured I'd pick up the slack with a really handy feature of Mac OS X: drag and drop. Sure, most OSes these days can drag and drop at least some things, but Apple has gone to great len...

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Desky: drag and drop to change desktop wallpaper

A while ago we found an Automator action that lets you drag and drop images to set them as your desktop background. No fuss, and no clunky System Preferences pane. I didn't notice it at the time, but TUAW reader Tice commented with a link to his little app, named Desky, that can do the same thing wi...

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Where's your Dock?

Apple's most recent Pro Tip teaches us how to move the Dock with a simple click and drag (here's the abbreviated version: shift click on the Dock dividing line and then drag the Dock to the left, right, or back to the bottom of the screen). I'm not sure how that qualifies as a Pro Tip, but I am su...

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Dragster - drag and drop file management and transfer with a twist

Ambrosia Software, those crazy kids with the Snapz Pro X and WireTap Pro, have unveiled the latest trick up their sleeve in the form of Dragster, an interesting approach to drag and drop file management and transfer. This utility, as you can see, lives in the Dock and is more or less like a drag and...

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Drag and drop calendar items from Entourage to iCal

I don't know how long this secret affair has been going on, but apparently MacOSXHints caught a calendar event from Entourage sneaking over to iCal! Mmhm, that's right. Allegedly, it's possible to drag and drop *gasp!* a calendar event from Entourage right onto the iCal window. While it sounds like ...

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TUAW Tip: Drag and drop with Exposé

Drag and drop is one of the many wonders of graphical user interfaces, exponentially increasing productivity with an intuitive, common-sense approach that leaves you with a reaffirmed belief in the unquestionable brilliance of mankind. Exposé takes that to a whole new level: You can actually ...

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Enable drag-and-drop desktop printing

Since I don't actually own a printer, I find it ironic that I'm posting a tip about printing more efficiently on a Mac. Regardless, this is a handy little tip right out of Apple's Pro site for all you chronic printers out there: if you print a lot of documents throughout the day without necessarily ...

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