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iPhone 4S customers report 96% satisfaction rate

The iPhone 4S has been out for about six weeks, and owners have had time to learn the ins and outs of the device. ChangeWave wanted to find out what these people thought and asked 215 iPhone 4S owners about their new handset. If you're a long-time iPhone owner, you won't be surprised by the res...

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AT&T has the fastest iPhone 4S network, Verizon the most reliable

In a smackdown between US cellular carriers AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, which network reigns supreme? That was the question answered by a new report by performance analytics firm Metrico Wireless Inc. that compared the carriers to determine who has the fastest and most reliable network. To ...

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Verizon iPhone 4 owners report fewer dropped calls than AT&T customers

ChangeWave conducted a survey of 4,068 wireless customers to determine the difference between Verizon iPhone owners and AT&T iPhone owners. The survey was completed on March 28, and it takes into account Verizon owners' initial response to the iPhone's performance on the CDMA network. The r...

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AT&T could lose 26% of iPhone customers, study suggests

With Verizon picking up the iPhone 4 in the US, market research firm ChangeWave decided to see just how much of an impact the new carrier would have on AT&T. The result of a survey of over 4,000 U.S. consumers shows that a whopping 26 percent of respondents said that they would drop AT&T fo...

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Worst Phone Ever chronicles dropped iPhone calls

I don't know exactly how useful this site is, but I'll let you check it out and decide for yourself. Worst Phone Ever is a site that purports to try and track all of the dropped calls being racked up on Apple's devices and AT&T's service. The idea is that you upload your dropped call log file, t...

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If 30% is good enough for Apple in the App Store, it should be good enough for dropped calls on AT&T, right?

File this one under AYFKMWTS (are you freaking kidding me with this stuff?): a Gizmodo reader, aggravated with an unacceptably high rate of dropped calls on his iPhone, took it to a New York City Apple Store to have it checked for issues. The call dump statistics revealed a 22% drop rate on calls, w...

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iPhone update for 3G issues; more coming in September?

Jim Dalrymple at Macworld notes that the iPhone software update from Monday was mostly to handle issues with dropped calls on new iPhone 3G handsets. According to an Associated Press article, the update "improved communication with 3G networks," said Apple spokesperson Jennifer Bowcock. However, som...

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