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t Chess Pro updated with dual core support on the iPad 2 and more

I liked t Chess Pro when I reviewed it many month ago. It had good clean graphics, and was a real challenge to play. One of the most frequent requests was for Game Center integration, and that has been added in the most recent release. Also interesting is the addition of support for the iPad 2 ...

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Apple and Intel weren't kidding about "low power"

Tom Yager over at InfoWorld has performed some power tests on a 20" Dual Core iMac to discover that these machines in fact do not meet Apple's bold low-power specs - they surpass them. Apple lists the maximum power consumption of a 20" Dual Core iMac at 120 watts, while Tom's tests - even...

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Intel Macs can boot from USB drives

Last week Dan posted about the new complications of Intel OS X drives not being bootable on PowerPC Macs, and vice-versa. The report came from Jon 'Wolf' Rentzsch, who recently updated the originating post with some specifics about booting and partition schemes, with one fairly positive detail: Inte...

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Intel iMac: Easiest RAM install ever

So you purchased a new Intel-based iMac and now you want to upgrade its RAM? Well don't worry about it. According to Gear Live, it's easier than it has ever been on a Mac. The process amounts to no more than flipping the iMac over, opening a very small panel and inserting the chip. Now installing RA...

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34 design flaws found in Intel's Dual Core chip

Uh oh. It appears that in the first twenty days of launching the Intel Dual Core chip in Apple's iMac, 34 design flaws have been found in the chip itself. While Slashdot, where I found this, points out that design flaws in Intel's chips aren't exactly a new thing (which could be good or bad), it is ...

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iMacs cost $898 to make?

MacSlash has come across a report from analyst firm iSuppli that claims the materials used to build the latest Intel iMac cost Apple roughly $898. This includes an estimated price of $265/Intel Dual Core chip, which is based on prices from Intel's site that are $294/chip in orders of 1000. The estim...

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