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Dutch court says Samsung Galaxy tablets don't copy iPad

Apple hasn't had a lot of success in proving that Samsung's products infringe on its designs, in Europe at least. Last year Apple lost a suit in the United Kingdom accusing Samsung's Galaxy Tab of infringing on its popular iPad design. As a result, the UK judge ruled that Apple had to advertise...

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Dutch court bans sale of some Samsung products

According to an IDG news service report published by Computer World, a Dutch court has banned the sales of Samsung Galaxy products that infringe on an Apple patent. The patent in this case describes a method for scrolling through a photo gallery on a touchscreen device. The ban applies to Galax...

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Dutch court finds Samsung does not infringe on Apple multitouch patent

Apple faced a legal setback in the Netherlands when a Dutch court ruled that Samsung's tablets and smartphones do not infringe on Apple's multitouch patents. This decision reaffirms an earlier, preliminary non-infringement ruling in a case that was heard in August 2011. The Dutch legal decision...

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Dutch court denies Samsung's request to block Apple products

As the unending battle between Apple and Samsung continues into its third epoch, a Dutch court today denied Samsung's request for an injunction against every single Apple product that uses 3G technology. According to Reuters, the Dutch court not only denied Samsung's requested injunction, its r...

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Woz having reception problems, too

For all of his exceptional qualities, part of Woz' popularity these days lies in the fact that he is really the prototypical Apple fan -- he stands in line like everyone else, he postulates about Steve Jobs' condition, and he loves the products just as much as we do. So when even Woz admits to havin...

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Rumor: Aperture 3 release imminent?

Here's another possible item for Apple to announce at the January 27th event (if there is an event...). Photography pros have been waiting for a new version of Apple's Aperture for way too long. A Google search of the term "Aperture 3" shows that as long as a year ago, there were many impatient ph...

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'Christmas in Cupertino': because there isn't enough weird stuff on the web

You guys know I love combining Christmas and my Mac, but this is just plain weird. A Dutch Apple community website by the name of One More Thing has written and produced a Christmas song called 'Christmas in Cupertino'. The song was composed and recorded in two weeks with the 'famous Dutch singer...

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