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iPad support for hardware Dvorak keyboards in latest SDK beta

A few months ago Macworld asked where's the iPad's Dvorak keyboard? Well, in the iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 5, which was released on Tuesday, there's support for hardware Dvorak keyboards in the OS; however, still no sign of a soft keyboard layout for Dvorak fans. A source sent us the above screen shot...

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Dvorak Desktop Keyboard non-Mod

Our previous post about a MacBook Dvorak keyboard mod generated a number of comments, including hearty suggestions from several our readers to try the Dvorak keyboard layout. Now desktop users of the Apple Keyboard (both wired and wireless) have an even easier option for testing the Dvorak layout. z...

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Dvorak Keyboard on the MacBook

Flickr user sjwalsh384 has a neat Dvorak keyboard mod for the MacBook. Apparently fond of the alternative and supposedly faster Dvorak keyboard layout, he rearranged the key caps on his MacBook (their square shape makes this relatively easy). He has some photos on flickr documenting the process. Wo...

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