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RollWorld lets you create your own little planet on iOS

You may have seen photos with the 'little' or 'tiny' planet effect. There are quite a few iOS apps that will render this effect for you, but most have a cost associated with them while RollWorld is free and works quite well. Import a photo from your camera roll, or set up your camera to take the ...

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Review: Picamerge for iOS creates double exposures with filter effects

Picamerge (U.S. $0.99 on sale) is a rather unique photo app for iOS that is designed solely to create double exposures to make some unique looking images. Gee, in the old days when we had double exposures with a film camera, it was usually by accident! Picamerge lets you use photos from your came...

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Efexio adds Hollywood style visual effects to your iOS videos

Efexio is a free universal app (with many in-app purchase options) that lets you add professional visual effects to videos you shoot on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The app comes with free dinosaur and dragon effects, and you can purchase more from within the app. The extra effects are US$1.99...

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Alien Sky gives your photos an other worldly look

I grew up reading science fiction books and loved the cover illustrations with vistas of alien worlds. I particularly remember the great paintings of Chesley Bonestell, an architect who later in life became a premier illustrator of space scenes. He also worked on some classic sci-fi movies like D...

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