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Mac 101: Easter eggs

For decades, programmers have hidden secret features and surprises inside the software they write. Such tidbits are known as Easter eggs, after the annual holiday hunt. (Note that undiscovered hard-boiled eggs may eventually create less pleasant surprises if left to mature in warm places.) As you...

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Hidden photos found in Mac SE ROM (Updated)

Update: As noted in the comments, the presence of these images in the original Mac ROMs has been known for years, so this decoding project qualifies as a "rediscovery" rather than an original find. The folks from NYC Resistor found an old Macintosh SE computer on the side of the road in Brooklyn...

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Apple easter egg in Pixar's "Cars"

Brian at FreeMacBlog writes in to point out an Apple easter egg he spotted in Pixar's Cars. During the opening race, one of the cars that is briefly on screen has an Apple logo on the hood, and is fittingly numbered "84." Pretty cool, Brian! Did anyone else spot this car?...

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Your mighty mice!

Yesterday, we linked to an image that showed up on Flickr that seemed to be the red, glowing visage of a mouse as generated by the light on the underside of an Apple Mighty Mouse. Whether or not Apple intended for their mice to put on this little display is really irrelevant, as it's just fun to sh...

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Does the Mighty Mouse LED project a mouse?

This one is a bit weird, so bear with us. It seems that Flickr user Dan Bowels noticed that the light on the underside of his Mighty Mouse produces what (kind of) looks like a mouse's head on the surface of his desk. Has he stumbled upon an ultra-rare hardware easter egg, or is this just an optical ...

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Straight from the Yak's mouth

Back in February, we posted about the infamous Bruce the Yak Easter Egg in Final Cut Pro. Since then, one of the members of the original FCP development team, Max Whirl, has left a great comment describing just how this particular Easter Egg was born. He writes: "Why a yak? Well, FCP was a long...

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Apple Seeks (Poetic) Justice

Seems Apple has hidden a secret message to OSX86 hackers to find in the 10.4.4 build of Mac OS X for Intel. And this time it's in verse! Your karma check for today: There once was a user that whined his existing OS was so blind, he'd do better to pirate an OS that ran great but found his hardware de...

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Easter Egg in Final Cut Pro 4?

I don't have a copy of Final Cut Pro, so I can't confirm this. Resexcellence forum user BK (the king?) was poking around the STRL resources in Final Cut Pro.rsrc and found what appears to be the ramblings of an overworked programmer. It reads, in part: "If we can't ship this puppy by then, we m...

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