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Mac 101: Easter eggs

For decades, programmers have hidden secret features and surprises inside the software they write. Such tidbits are known as Easter eggs, after the annual holiday hunt. (Note that undiscovered hard-boiled eggs may eventually create less pleasant surprises if left to mature in warm places.) As you...

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Hidden photos found in Mac SE ROM (Updated)

Update: As noted in the comments, the presence of these images in the original Mac ROMs has been known for years, so this decoding project qualifies as a "rediscovery" rather than an original find. The folks from NYC Resistor found an old Macintosh SE computer on the side of the road in Brooklyn...

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Mac App Store easter egg: subtle but fun

Are you familiar with easter eggs? Not the type that you dye in pastel colors and hide in the back yard, only to find them a year later in a disgusting mess; no, these are fun little software "signatures" that developers put into apps. Well, although many Apple devices used to contain easter eg...

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Looking for Easter eggs in iOS and its apps

We're one day late on this one, but rather than brightly colored hidden eggs for Easter, in this case we're of course referring to "easter eggs," little secrets that programmers hide in their applications and code. Macworld has a great roundup of four easter eggs hidden in popular App Store app...

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Top Terminal easter eggs

Yeah, the headline makes it sound like the eggs are on their deathbed. But no, easter eggs (in software jargon) are little presents or surprises that developers have slipped into an application or operating system. One excellent place to find easter eggs in Mac OS X is in the Terminal. Now techni...

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Konami website now iPhone-accessible

Make this happen by mirroring the standard Konami sequence (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right) using swipes instead of touching command keys. When you get to the BA sequence, a controller will appear on-screen to let you tap the B-button and then the A-button. As for the Konami-compa...

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Flick Bowling Holiday "Easter Egg"

While this might not meet the official definition of an "Easter Egg" in an application, I thought it was pretty cool that when I opened Flick Bowling (click opens iTunes) on December 1st, I noticed something different. First, the background on the splash screen (below) was red instead of the normal ...

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Terminal Tips: Play Tetris in Terminal

Terminal boasts some cool, but hidden features that we like to call "Easter eggs." These "eggs" are hidden features that the developers build in (mostly for fun or laughs), that don't have anything to do with the functionality of the program. One of these "eggs" is the ability to play Tetris in Te...

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Super Tuesday iPod touch Easter Egg

You have so got to love Apple. If you own a jailbroken iPod touch and have bought the January Software Upgrade, navigate yourself over to /private/var/mobile/Applications. There, you'll find your nikita_receipt.plist. Open it in your favorite property list editor, copy the payload (from <data>...

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Our Favorite Easter Eggs

Happy Easter to all our Christian TUAW readers! To help you celebrate, here's a list of some of our favorite OS X Easter eggs for you to discover and enjoy. A "Python" audio clip. Navigate to the following folder: /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.3/lib/python2.3/test. Open the ...

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