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Element Case Sector 5 Black Ops Elite: The tactical case for your iPhone 5

Element Case is one of the few iPhone case manufacturers we talk to on a regular basis that continues to innovate with impressive designs that are entirely different from the mainstream. Whether it's their wood, aluminum and leather Ronin or the original Sector 5 case, you can be certain that an E...

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Element Case's Ronin case for iPhone 5: Lightweight luxury (updated)

A few weeks ago I received a PR blast from Element Case about their new Ronin case for iPhone 5 ($199.99) and just had to write a short post about it due to its unique and gorgeous design. The case uses a combination of nickel-plated aluminum, exotic wood, and leather in a design that is stunni...

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Review: Joule II iPad stand

The original Joule was nice and simple, featuring a channel for your iPad and an arm to prop up the tube in which that channel was cut. The Joule II doesn't reinvent the original, but improves upon its design in a couple of places. Like most Element Case products, the Joule isn't the cheapest s...

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Element Case's Ronin iPhone 5 case: Wood, metal, leather, beautiful

I'm not going to spoil an upcoming review of the new Element Case Ronin iPhone 5 case by saying too much other than to say that information about this gorgeous US$199.95 hand-crafted case will be available tomorrow on the Element Case website. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this luscious p...

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Road tested: ElementCase's Sector 5 case for the iPhone 5

I didn't know what to think about the ElementCase Sector 5 (SE) iPhone 5 "case." I had been using my iPhone 5 for a while, and I really appreciated the fact that it felt like it didn't need a case. I've lauded ElementCase in the past because the craftsmanship and quality were outstanding. But p...

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Element's new Sector case for iPhone 5

I'm a fan of Element Case iPhone cases, made in the USA by trained machinists using premium parts. No, they aren't cheap. Yes, they are amazing. The latest from Element is the Sector, and it will fit the iPhone 5. Not only that, but the case debuts a single-screw connector, whittling down the n...

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Element Case Formula 4 covers your iPhone 4 in style

Element Case, the folks that brought you the Vapor aluminium iPhone 4 bumper, have released a polycarbonate case built around a similar design aesthetic. The Formula 4 features the same shaped iPhone 4 edge-banding that the gorgeous Vapor uses and adds a protective back-plate that's covered i...

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Element Case Joule Chroma iPad stand works with iPad 2

We've covered the Element Case Joule iPad stand several times here on TUAW, even giving away some specially-made TUAW-logoed stands to several of our readers. Now Element Case has partnered with us again to introduce the new Joule Chroma line of iPad stands, and yes, we will be giving one away. ...

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Element Vapor Pro iPhone 4 case: Exclusive first look and giveaway

You've seen the sleek machined aluminum mobile accessories from Element Case here on TUAW before. Now the company has announced a new addition to the Vapor case line; the US$149.99 Vapor Pro FE. Using a proprietary aerospace polymer in the frame, the Vapor Pro case has been designed in such a way t...

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Vapor iPhone case review and giveaway

First of all, we're giving away four Vapor cases in your choice of colors to four lucky readers. Second, the Vapor case is awesome. The Vapor bolts onto the edge of your iPhone 4 and cradles it in aircraft aluminum, complete with little rubbery grips on the inside to isolate the antenna and provide...

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Need a stand for your iPad? Enter the Joule giveaway

Last week I took you on a quick tour of the Joule by ElementCase. Yes, it's a premium stand. So, if you aren't in the "premium" market and are getting along with your alternative-to-real-iPad-stands stand and you're happy with other options, just pass this post by. Personally, I thought the Joule w...

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Review: Joule iPad stand by ElementCase

The iPhone cases from ElementCase have always impressed me. Made to last from sturdy materials, they are beautifully designed and a joy to use. I've used a lot of iPhone cases and after so many wound up treating my phone badly, I felt the case we covered a while ago did possibly the best job of prot...

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TUAW Exclusive: Element Case launches the Joule, a luxury iPad stand

We covered the iPhone cases from Element Case a couple of years ago, and I was impressed with their build quality and design. Now they've released a beautiful aluminum stand called the Joule for the iPad. As you can see from the gallery, the Joule is simplicity itself: a machined and polished cylin...

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Hands-on with Element Case and your chance to win a TUAW version

We get a small number of physical products to review around here, and the streets are thick with iPhone cases of every variety -- but Element Case stood out. These aren't generic leather or plastic cases, they are somewhat beefier plastic cases available with metal, carbon or wood accents and spor...

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