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Mailbox iOS email client updated with cloud search

The popular Gmail email client for iOS, Mailbox, has been updated to allow for cloud searching through messages. The new feature in the version 1.5 update means users no longer have to have their emails downloaded to their device to search -- something that is incredibly handy if you have years' wor...

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Mail Pilot comes to the Mac, beta signup now open to the public

Mail Pilot, an email client for iOS from Mindsense, made waves when it hit the App Store in early April. Today, Mindsense announced that it is bringing its productivity app to the Mac. Mail Pilot for the Mac will mirror the iOS version, but will include features to help you manage your inbox effe...

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Alternative email clients for Sparrow on the iPhone

Sparrow announced late last week that it had been acquired by Google. In its announcement, the company said it will continue to make both the Mac and iOS versions of the Sparrow email client available and provide support for its customers. This means that iPhone owners can continue to use the c...

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Email client alternatives to Sparrow for the Mac

Sparrow announced late last week that the company had been acquired by Google; that means that the Sparrow email clients have been put into maintenance mode, with no new features expected going forward. Many customers, like me, who enjoyed using the email client are now contemplating the task o...

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Sparrow 1.1 adds built-in browser, delete options

You have to give them credit. The developers at Sparrow don't waste any time when it comes to improving their apps. It's only been a little over two weeks since Sparrow for the iPhone launched and there's already an update in the iOS App Store. The 1.1 version of Sparrow rolled out on Wednesd...

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Enter to win a copy of the Sparrow email client for Mac

Sparrow's popular email application made its official debut in the Mac App Store this week and hit the store with a bang. Within a few hours of its launch, the application climbed to the top of the application charts and has received very favorable reviews. Sparrow is an email client that dazz...

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Sparrow mail application now available in the Mac App Store

Sparrow announced today that version 1.0 of its popular email application is now available in the Mac App Store. The developers listened to customer feedback and dropped the price from US$25 to a much lower $9.99. The paid version is free of advertisements and lets you add multiple email accounts. ...

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Mailsmith 2.2 beta universal

Mailsmith is an old-school, text-only email client from Bare Bones (of BBEdit and Yojimbo fame), that has long had a cadre of devoted users, but which has also really been showing its age of late (version 2.1.5 was released in March 2005). Yesterday, however, Bare Bones' Rich Siegel announced a publ...

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