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Enigmo Explore manages to be challenging and relaxing at the same time

If you're an old-school App Store gamer, there's a good chance you've run across an Enigmo title in the past. The physics puzzle franchise has been making waves on iDevices almost as long as Angry Birds, and its initial release on PC dates back over a decade. Now a partnership with iOS developers ...

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More iPad games revealed

It looks like the crafty folks over at MacRumors have figured out how to snake their way into the not-yet-public listing for top revenue iPad apps. Now, we've got a flood of information coming out about software for the device that's not coming out for another week or so. As you can see above, quit...

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In-app purchases not so hot for some developers

PocketGamer.biz has an interesting interview up with Pangea, makers of the iPhone physics puzzle game Enigmo, and they say that so far, their experience with in-app purchases has been pretty lukewarm. The software itself has sold over a million copies, but only a very small number of those customers...

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Pangea updates Enigmo for iPhone to 1.1.1, adds downloadable content

Over the past day, Pangea Software has issued two updates for their Enigmo physics game for the iPhone/iPod touch. The updates in question (1.1 and 1.1.1) allow you to download custom levels from Pangea's website via the application. Be sure to sync your iPhone and complete the backup process before...

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Last day to buy MacHeist Bundle

Today is the last day to buy the much coveted MacHeist application bundle. MacHeist has decided to sweeten the deal by unlocking SoundStudio early and offering $5 off any Insanely Great Tee. If you are a registered member of the MacHeist site you can also get early access to Headline (an RSS reader)...

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Enigmo 2 trailer, demo released

For those unfamiliar, Enigmo is a really slick, unique puzzle game from Pangea Software that's been around for a few years now. The game's description at Apple's download site is a good summary of what you're up against: "A 3D puzzle game where you construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma,...

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