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Infinity Blade: Dungeons on hold as Epic shuts down studio

Announced alongside the third-generation iPad in March of last year, Epic Games' action-RPG spin-off of the Infinity Blade franchise still isn't out -- and, from the sound of things, we wouldn't count on it shipping anytime soon, if ever. As Joystiq reports, Epic is shuttering Impossible Studio...

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Epic's most profitable game is Infinity Blade for iOS

And here's why we're going to continue seeing AAA games makers getting involved in Apple's iOS platform: Epic Games reports that Infinity Blade, which has earned over $30 million in the past 18 months, is by far the company's most profitable title, "in terms of man-years invested versus revenue...

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Daily iPhone App: Infinity Blade 2

Yes, it's out. Go get it right now. Oh, you're still here? Well then I guess I'll tell you that Infinity Blade is even bigger and better than before. There are now multiple classes and play styles, including dual wield and two-handed in addition to the standard sword-and-board hack and slash ...

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Infinity Blade update with content pack #4 available now

Following the announcement of Infinity Blade II at Apple's media event, Epic Games has released content pack #4 in an update to the the original Infinity Blade game. The new pack comes with "new magic rings, swords, shields, and helmets" as well as a "fierce and deadly RookBane!" On top of that...

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Epic Games shares tips on playing Infinity Blade

Just in case you haven't mastered the great Infinity Blade game for iOS, Epic Games has posted some (spoilery, but the game's been out for quite a while now) tips over on its official blog. They start off with the best damage you can do for each kind of hit, and then move on to tips on specific...

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DeNA bringing Infinity Blade X to Japan's Mobage platform

DeNA's been on the iOS hunt for about a year now -- I saw them at GDC Online last fall asking developers to create games for their Mobage mobile platform in Japan, and then they outright purchased popular iOS developer ngmoco not long after that. Now they've put together plans to bring another ...

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Infinity Blade creators say they've cleared $10M

This is when you start wondering if you're in the wrong line of work. In only six months, the popular iOS game Infinity Blade exceeded US$10 million in earnings, according to an Epic Games press release posted today. The sword-fighting, third-person slasher game was released in December to mu...

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Infinity Blade looks great on a 50" HDTV via iPad 2

The new iPad 2 paired with Apple's Digital AV Adapter is perfect for watching movies with your family, teaching lessons to a classroom or presenting the latest sales figures to a boardroom on an HDTV. TouchGen found it's also an awesome new way to enjoy your favorite iPad games, like Real Racing 2...

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Game developers looking at iPad 2's speedier A5

The iPad 2's Apple A5 processor may not be listed as faster than the existing A4 -- it's running at the same 1 GHz speed -- but the dual core architecture will be able to accomplish a lot more number crunching while still providing great battery life. Now game developers are getting excited abo...

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Gameloft working on four Unreal Engine games

We have some wicked awesome news on the iOS gaming front today -- Gameloft, the developer of popular 3D mobile games such as N.O.V.A and Asphalt, has announced a partnership with Epic Games that will allow Gameloft to use Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 in four new titles, two of which are expected b...

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Epic Games to release updated Unreal Dev Kit for iOS on Thursday

Epic Games, creator of recently released game "Infinity Blade," is publicly releasing an updated version of its Unreal Development Kit on Thursday. The game-development package simplifies the creation of graphics and animations on Apple's iOS, and if TUAW's Chris Rawson's recent review of Infinity B...

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Infinity Blade for iOS now available in NZ App Store, coming to US soon

Epic Games' Infinity Blade, a graphically rich role playing game for iOS, is currently available in the New Zealand App Store and will presumably be coming to the US and other countries' stores later today. Infinity Blade is a universal app that will run on 'current + 1 older' generation iDevices, ...

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Infinity Blade hits App Store December 9 for $5.99

Chair and Epic Games' extremely impressive Infinity Blade title has gotten a final release date and price: you'll be able to hack and slash your way around the medieval RPG on December 9 for a purchase price of $5.99. The app will be universal and will run on iPhone 3GS and above, up to and includi...

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Details on Epic's Project Sword, now called Infinity Blade

During last September's press event, representatives from Epic Games demonstrated "Project Sword," an impresive title running the Unreal Engine inside iOS. Today, that game has been re-named Infinity Blade and new screenshots have been released. Slide to Play notes that Infinity Blade will be the...

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GDC Online 2010: Mark Rein on iOS and Epic Citadel

If you are an iPhone gamer and haven't tried Epic Citadel yet, you're doing yourself a disservice. Epic Games wowed the crowd at the recent Apple event with the free demo, showing an astoundingly beautiful virtual town running in full 3D graphics on the iPhone and the iPad. Epic's Mark Rein is here...

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