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Is it time to drop your iPhone plan and buy a MiFi?

Here at TUAW central, we fell into a debate last night about the merits and tradeoffs of MiFi and the iPhone. If you haven't heard of MiFi, it's a portable EV-DO router from Verizon. For $149 for the equipment (there's a $50 rebate), and for $60/month, you get up to 5GB of WiFi based data that you c...

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ExpressBox: use external PCIe cards with your MacBook Pro

The ExpressBox1 from Magma is a cool accessory for MacBook Pro owners that allows you to add a standard desktop PCIe card to your notebook via the ExpressCard/34 slot. It consists of a powered external enclosure for a PCIe card (either half or full length) together with a cable to an ExpressCard mod...

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Launch2net Mobile Connection Manager

At Macworld, Nova Media (which we previously mentioned for expanding phone support in iSync) demonstrated their launch2net, a new piece of software that might be very handy for the globe-trotting MacBook (Pro) user. It's a connection manager that allows you to get online with a variety of GSM Expres...

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Griffin ExpressCard 5-in-1 reader out

There are others like it, but this one is from one of our favorite vendors: Griffin has released an ExpressCard/34 reader for SD, Memory Stick/MSP, MultiMediaCard, xD, and also (assuming you haven't lost your card adapter) Memory Stick Duo/Micro, miniSD, microSD, and the other MMC flavors. Naturally...

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Delkin eFilm ExpressCard 34

Finally, something to do with the ExpressCard slot on your MBP. Storage and digital photo accessory supplier Delkin Devices today announced their eFilm ExpressCard 34 is available for pre-orders. To be officially unveiled at Photokina and shipping Oct. 16th, the EC-34 is the first Compact Falsh-to- ...

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ExpressCard Update for MacBook Pros

Apple has released a software update for at least the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and possibly the 17-inch as well (I just have a 15-inch). ExpressCard Update 1.0 "resolves an issue that prevented the system from sleeping when some cards are inserted in the ExpressCard/34 slot." Have at it boys and girls....

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First Serial ATA ExpressCard adapter ships

Ben Drawbaugh from HD Beat dropped us a line on the first Serial ATA ExpressCard adapter shipping from FirmTek. If you've been lamenting the 15" MacBook Pro's lack of a FireWire 800 port and/or haven't heard of these external Serial ATA adapters, check this out: these ExpressCard adapter bus speeds ...

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Ask TUAW: Where do you put your Apple remote?

"Where's the zapper?!" A time old phrase uttered countless times in countless living rooms across the world, usually accompanied by an expletive or two. Now that Apple has standardized Front Row and bundled a remote with nearly its whole range, Mac mini, MacBook and MacBook Pro owners are also screa...

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Mac EVDO card in May

I happened by Om Malik's blog today and saw, as CTIA winds down, he's caught wind of an EVDO card from Novatel Wireless that's due in May. The best news is, it's going to be an Express card, and it'll work in the MacBook Pro, no Windows partition needed. So what? Well I guess C.K. can finally get ba...

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MacBook Pro will support 34mm PC Cards

As the dust settles a bit around MacWorld, it seems a few details about the new MacBook Pro's are becoming clearer. First on many PowerBook users' minds: will my EVDO card work without PCMCIA? It turns out a little naming confusion is the key to this mystery. On the "What's Inside" page fo...

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