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Win a Square Trade accident-coverage iPhone warranty from TUAW

Two weekends ago, Diet Coke was accidentally spilled onto my MacBook Pro Keyboard. The machine, a Core Duo 15" that was among the first of the Intel Macs rolled out, suddenly didn't work the way it used to. Luckily, damage was restricted only to the keyboard: caps lock, shift, b, h, and num lock di...

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Found Footage: A Philosophical Discourse on Apple Warranty Care

Hey kids, this is a story about a man, his laptop, and his extended warranty. Maybe it's true. Maybe it ain't. But it's sure got heart. And a sledgehammer. Seems that Apple refused to honor a warranty repair, said the Mac had spill damage. The owner said "No way". And rather than fork over about $80...

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3 year warranty with Higher Ed. purchases, or not?

A few weeks ago, Apple stuck a message up on their Higher Education store (EU only) stating that due to a new national agreement for Higher Education individual purchases, any Macs purchased from the store would receive three years of parts and labor coverage at no extra cost. When I later purchase...

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