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PhoneSuit Power Core Micro: a tiny package that charges your iPhone

Given all that the iPad and iPhone can do, it's amazing their batteries last as long as they do. With that being said, and while I never worry about taking my iPad on a day trip without its charger, my iPhone 5 is a constant worry. I use Maps (Google Maps) heavily and am constantly reading and ...

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Where are the extended battery cases for the iPhone 5?

Cases for the iPhone 5 are arriving, but battery-augmented cases for the new iPhone are still largely missing. Since Apple changed to the Lightning connector, every previous battery case won't work with Apple's latest phone. That leaves many people feeling a bit naked, because the battery life ...

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DIY external MacBook battery

Evan Rodgers took a CCTV battery, a third party MacBook car charger, and some soldering tools to create a do-it-yourself external MacBook battery. As he points out in his post on The Verge, a little elbow grease and electronics know-how will save you from having to buy a costly commercial solut...

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