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Hands-on with Elgato EyeTV Hybrid and EyeTV app for iPhone

Elgato Systems has been in the business of turning Macs into TVs for quite a while now. The company's most powerful USB digital TV tuner, the EyeTV Hybrid (US$149.95), is an amazing little dongle that comes equipped with EyeTV 3 tuner / recorder software for Mac. The EyeTV Hybrid has gone through a ...

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TUAW TV Live today at 5 PM EDT: all Apple, all the time

Today's episode of TUAW TV Live is a bit of a mixed salad: a little bit of Mac, with a dash of iPhone and some sauteed iPad on top. If you're not familiar with the show, it's a fun hour or so of talk with your host Steve Sande (and any guests he invites), demos of Mac software and iPhone or iPad app...

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Elgato offers European EyeTV and turbo.264 discounts until October 7

Until October 7th, you can buy European EyeTV Hybrid and turbo.264 units for €20 off the normal price: €110 for the EyeTV and €80 for the turbo.264. TUAW has reviewed the Hybrid and the turbo.264 and gave thumbs up to both products. Read more at the Elgato website....

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Ask TUAW: iPhone (of course), reinstalling OS X, migrating iTunes and more

This week on Ask TUAW, our weekly Q&A column: an obligatory iPhone question, reinstalling OS X, watching TV on your Mac, transferring your iTunes library, and increasing hard drive capacity. Remember: everyone's welcome to post questions for Ask TUAW; we're happy to help! Just leave questions fo...

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Ask TUAW: Printing Finder window contents, CornerClick, a Finder hotkey, editing AVIs and more

This week's Ask TUAW takes us into questions about printing Finder window contents, assigning programs to the corner of your screen, bringing up the Finder with a HotKey, integrating Apple productivity programs, recording TV on your Mac and editing AVIs . Remember new Mac users and Switchers who are...

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