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Foxconn to allow union elections

For the first time ever, Foxconn is reportedly allowing its workers to elect union representatives. A Telegraph UK report says Foxconn will hold elections for a union chairman and 20 members of the Federation of Labour Unions Committee. Elections will take place every five years. Both Foxconn...

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Foxconn reduces working hours, workers ask why

The Fair Labor Association released its first report about the conditions it found in Foxconn factories during a recent investigation. The report details over 50 violations that center on excessive overtime and low pay. To improve the working environment, Foxconn has vowed to slash overtime wit...

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Fair Labor Association finds multiple violations at Foxconn facilities

The Fair Labor Association has announced the first results of its Foxconn investigation. The report documents more than 50 violations or policy gaps including excessive overtime, unpaid wages and low salaries that can't cover the workers' basic necessities. The results in this report came from ...

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Factory workers claim Foxconn hid underage employees prior to inspection

No doubt you watched Nightline's special edition about Shenzhen's Foxconn factory where workers assemble iPhones, iPads and Macs. If you missed it, you can watch it online at ABC's website (US only). As we noted last night, the documentary showed a rather clean Foxconn factory filled with young, Ch...

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