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Two ways to avoid using Facebook Messenger

Facebook's new Messenger app might not be the evil privacy destroyer some are claiming it is, but the app is still being forced on users whether they want it or not. Or is it? We've found two ways to keep using Facebook messaging on your phone without downloading Messenger, although both methods r...

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Facebook Messenger for iOS gets VoIP in the UK today

A little over a month ago, Facebook added Voice over IP (VoIP) calling capabilities to its iOS app for users in the US and Canada. Now users in the UK have been added to the gradual rollout of Facebook's VoIP domination of the universe. The VoIP capability works through Facebook Messenger, bo...

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Samsung getting in the mobile messaging business with ChatOn

Samsung today announced they are entering mobile messaging market. Like Facebook Messages, which hopes to kill off text messaging for good, Samsung's ChatOn is a cross-platform messaging service for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Samsung's own Bada OS that offers users the ability to send text, ...

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Facebook announces Messenger app for on-the-go contact (Updated)

Facebook has announced Facebook Messenger, a dedicated app for Facebook messaging. It's already possible to send messages and chat within the standard Facebook app for the iPhone, but this new app hopes to streamline the process by putting the focus squarely on the chat interface. Messages can ...

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