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Apple proposes settlement with Queens-area knockoff stores

Reuters reports that two Apple-knockoff stores located in the Queens borough of New York City have been offered a settlement agreement, currently under judicial review. Apple's proposed settlement mandates that the stores hand over all products bearing Apple's trademarks and branding; one store...

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Apple cracks down on counterfeit products being sold in NYC

NYC may not have as many fake Apple stores as China, but it has a few and they've caught the eye of Apple. Apple has executed several seizure warrants and removed fake goods that carry the Apple logo or name from these stores. A trademark infringement lawsuit has halted sales of the alleged kno...

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China finds and shuts down 22 more fake Apple Stores

Chinese authorities already shut down two fake Apple Stores located in the Kunming area, but that was apparently just the opening salvo. According to Reuters, 22 more unauthorized Apple retailers have now been located and shuttered. It's not clear from the report if these retailers went all-out...

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Angry customers respond to fake Apple Stores

A casual blog piece about a fake Apple Store in Kunming, China went viral this week and exposed a thriving underground retail industry based on false appearances. From the inside and out, these fake Apple stores look real, but they're not. And their customers who are just now discovering the trut...

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No comment: Faux Apple Stores in China

It seems several completely unauthorized "Apple Stores" have been spotted in Kunming, China by the author of the blog BirdAbroad. While Apple's Q3 earnings call mentioned the exploding Asian market, Apple's official Apple Stores are only found in Beijing and Shanghai -- stores opened with much bal...

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