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Google's Field Trip app gets you into 13 museums for free right now

Museum buffs and tourists might want to download Google's Field Trip app right now. As we've told you before, the location-based app shows you cool things to do while on a trip. For a limited time, the app will also get you into 13 major US museums for free, as Google announced on the Field Trip G...

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How to turn off Google Now and keep your battery charged

Google has recently added its Google Now service into its search app for iOS, but there's one big drawback to getting constant weather, traffic, and other local information on your phone: Location Services runs constantly. You can tell by the little arrow icon up in the corner of your home scree...

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Google releases new iOS app 'Field Trip'

Google has released a new iOS app today called Field Trip. The app had previously been an Android-only one before today's launch. The app is a location-based augmented reality app that displays information on your screen or via audio into your Bluetooth headset when you are near an area of inte...

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Apple preps 2010 school field trips

Apple, through the Apple II, served as the gateway to computing for me; my third grade classroom had two Apple IIs neatly tucked away in metallic lock cases. With them, I was exposed to word processing, printing and, most importantly, Carmen Sandiego. Education is deeply ingrained in the Apple etho...

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Apple Stores welcome kids via Field Trip

Letting a bunch of kids loose in a candy store might be a sticky mess, but letting them loose in an Apple Store should be a delightful, brushed metal and glass wonderland of fun. Right? That's the idea behind Apple's new Field Trip program for elementary, middle and high school students and their te...

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