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Mac 101: Finder filename sorting

The neat-freaks among us (myself included) enjoy keeping things in their particular place and order. When making a folder of files, sometimes I want items to fall outside their alphabetical order -- for instance, often I like to have a special folder that's always at the top of a list. The easiest w...

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File-naming differences in OS X, Linux, and Windows

File names aren't sexy, but they are an integral part of your experience at the computer. That's why this post that details some of the differences between how Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows handle long file names, and odd characters in file names, is an interesting read. All the the OSes support 255 ...

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TUAW Tip: View long file names faster in list/column view

A lot of Mac users know and love the Finder's column view. While I can't speak for Linux, I'm pretty sure it's a fairly unique view to Mac OS X, and it's a great way to browse and move files throughout your folder system. Today's tip, however, deals with one of the column view's occasional shortcomi...

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