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Tag: FileTransfer

Amazingly fast and file transfer with Send Anywhere

I don't typically think of moving files between devices as being very difficult. Then again, I'm an old geezer and remember "sneakernet"-moving files by physically carrying them around on floppy discs because there was no network. It's really not that hard to transfer files anymore and there are l...

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Daily iPhone App: lets you easily share files between your iOS devices

One of the challenges of owning an iPhone and iPad is sharing files between devices. Many iOS owners, me included, pass on iCloud and turn to third-party solutions like Plex or Dropbox to seamlessly share files. One competing service worth a look is is a self-hosted, streamin...

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Use Messages to send files from Mac to iPhone

Now that the Messages app is available as a beta for OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion, there's a way that you can quickly send files from any Mac to an iPhone. Lifehacker tested the capability, and sure enough it works splendidly for zapping files to iPhones in the field. Here's how to do it: ope...

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iTwin allows you to share files with PCs securely over the web

iTwin has added official public Mac compatibility to its innovative file sharing USB stick that allows users to transfer or share files across Macs or PCs no matter where they are in the world. After selecting which files to share users can simply plug one half of an iTwin into a Mac and the ot...

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Snow Leopard and Lion neck and neck on Thunderbolt file transfers

Macworld has been doing some more testing in Thunderbolt performance, this time between the Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems. The results say that if you spent that $30 on Lion just so your Thunderbolt connection would go faster, you probably wasted your money. Results weren't that diffe...

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How to transfer files between Macs

When two or more Macs are gathered in the name of Steve Jobs, there's a good chance that someone is going to want to transfer files between those computers. Macworld's Kirk McElhearn, who also hangs out at and is a fellow Take Control Ebooks author, has written an excellent tut...

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First Look: Memeo Send with special deal for TUAW readers

Do you need to send large files to clients or friends? Sending those big files through email can be a problem, since sometimes the receiver's ISP limits the size of files that can be received. It's slow and expensive to send files on external hard drives, USB flash drives, or DVDs through express ma...

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First Look: File Magic 2.0

If there's a genre of iPhone app that's even more prevalent than fart apps, it's file transfer and viewing apps. File Magic 2.0 (click opens iTunes) is the newest entry into this market from SplashData, an app development firm with years of history in the mobile space. As with the other apps of this...

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Cloud file sharing on the iPhone, four ways

Among the crowded field of cloud sharing and file synchronization services, there are plenty of interesting options (we've been partial to Dropbox around here, but check around for more), but when you add 'must work well with iPhone' to the requirements list, the choices narrow a bit. I've been test...

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First Look: Fliq Tasks

Mark/Space has added another member to their rapidly growing family of iPhone file transfer applications. The new baby in the family is Fliq Tasks, which joins Fliq for Mac and Windows, Fliq Notes, and Fliq for iPhone. As with Fliq for iPhone and Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks is available in the App Store...

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TUAW Faceoff: Mark/Space Fliq for Mac vs. Mobile DropCopy

A few months ago, Mark/Space delivered Fliq for iPhone, a free utility for sending contacts and photos to other iPhones and iPod touches that are also running Fliq. Later, they shipped Fliq for Mac, a US$19.95 application goes beyond the capabilities of the iPhone app by providing an easy way to m...

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FileChute to the rescue for sending large files

FileChute from Yellow Mug Software has been kicking around for awhile, but has been pretty much under the radar for most people. Some of our readers mentioned it when we reviewed YouSendIt last January. FileChute is powerful because it can send any size file, as long as you have space on your iDisk,...

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Social networking for iPhone: Fliq your friends

Longtime Mac developer Mark/Space, Inc. has just announced their first app for iPhone, and it's free. Fliq (click opens iTunes) runs on the iPhone and iPod touch and is billed as a "real-time social networking app between friends in close proximity." If you and your friends are on the same Wi-Fi net...

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First Look: Briefcase for iPhone

Briefcase is the latest in a flood of apps for the iPhone that let you transfer files to and from a PC or Mac, then view them on the iPhone. After using a beta for several weeks, my personal opinion is that Briefcase is the easiest of the bunch to use. So far, it's also the only app of this type to ...

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First Look: FileMagnet

FileMagnet (mentioned briefly by Dave in his iPhone apps I actually use post yesterday) is a low-cost wireless file transfer tool for iPhone and iPod Touch. It requires you to install a companion desktop application, also called FileMagnet, which acts as the conduit for file transfer. Usage is simpl...

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