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Blast from the past: 1st generation iPod review

Ah, the simpler days: before the iPhone, before the iTunes store, and before Apple killed FireWire in favor of syncing via USB. Yes, we're talking about the birth of the iPod. This video is one of the very first reviews on TechTV (wow, anyone remember that television network?). The original iPod c...

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Submit Your iPhone Bugs to Apple

There are bound to be bugs in any first generation product, and unfortunately this has been especially true for new Apple devices. It's only been a day since the iPhone went on sale, but already we're hearing of some nagging issues. But fear not, for you the user have the power to change the iPhon...

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I hope Apple has absolved the iPhone from their '1st gen reputation'

Plenty of potential iPhone customers - particularly ones who are familiar with Apple's less-than-ideal track record with 1st gen products - are on the fence as to whether they should wait for the 2nd version of the iPhone. In recent years, problems like the 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook's white spots (...

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