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iOS 7 on an iPad mini: First impressions

After seeing Dave Caolo's post about his first impressions of iOS 7 on an iPad 2, it occurred to me that I ought to write up my feelings about the OS on an iPad mini. The device isn't equipped with a Retina display, but it is one of the devices that can take full advantage of the features of iOS 7...

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First impressions of iPhone 4

For those of you whose preordered iPhone 4 arrived early, just realize that the rest of us were jealous ... incredibly, incredibly jealous. It's one thing to hear it from Walt Mossberg and David Pogue, but seeing countless others rave about the iPhone at about the same time made me that much more a...

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My anticipation for a full day of iPhone 4

I'd love to give you my first impressions of the iPhone 4, but unfortunately only impression to date is how long my library is taking to synchronize. That's not new to the iPhone 4; I've been through this with previous Apple product releases. The difference today is how amazingly long it took t...

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iPhone Second Impressions: On activation, UI, EDGE and answering questions

Another quick round of first impression stuff that covers some user problems with activation, EDGE speeds, Google Maps and Mail. We're working on some more focused, in-depth posts that explore individual features in their entirety, such as Safari, the keyboard, Mail, etc. For now, let's get starte...

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iPhone First Impressions

It was difficult, but I finally tore myself away from playing with my 8GB iPhone to put together a First Impressions post. I tried touching on a few things that we might not have discussed before, or at least things that I particularly appreciate that might not have made it into the keynote or vid...

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24 inch iMac first impressions

No, we didn't whip out the old TUAW corporate card and get ourselves a new 24 inch iMac, though it was very tempting. Paul Stamatiou, up and coming tech blogger, had to get a machine to use whilst his ailing MacBook was off being repaired. He did what any red blooded Mac user would, got the biggest ...

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First Impressions: iPod nano 2G

I broke down in the name of TUAW and picked up a new 8GB iPod nano. Of course, running out of space for workout jams on my 1GB nano might have had something to do with the purchase as well. I've put this second generation iPod nano through the trials enough (including some Nike+ runs) to warrant a ...

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First impressions: buying a game from the iTunes Store

Scott beat me to buying a movie from the store and posted his first impressions, so I thought I would move on to the new games section (iTS link) of the store. The games work with 5G iPods (of which I am an owner) as well as the newly announced 5.5G iPods. I can't decide whether I'm surprised you ca...

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