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G5 Mac "Pro" (sic) receives Macquarium treatment

All the little fishies in bottom of the sea wish that they were swimming in my G5 Mac PC Or for the geekier devs among you: Joy to NSFishies in the G5 PC, @selector(joy:) to you and me... Video of the case conversion follows for your delectation. [via Gizmodo] ...

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Federal Trade Commission is reviewing Apple's in-app purchase system

The FTC is reviewing Apple's in-app purchasing policy after reports of inadvertent purchases by children have continued to surface. FTC Chairperson Jon Leibowitz agreed to look closely at the matter after Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts brought the matter to his attention. Leibowitz...

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Fishies in-app purchases are fishy

Update: Manton Reece points out that the issue of in-app purchases being made without challenge is probably due to the App Store's holding onto purchase authentication for a few minutes after buying or updating an app. Craig Hockenberry cites the advantages and potential pitfalls of 'communal com...

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