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Adobe: Flash Player now sandboxed in Safari on OS X Mavericks

In a move that is designed to make playing Flash content on your Mac more secure, Adobe has announced that Flash Player is sandboxed in Safari on OS X Mavericks. A sandbox profile for the Flash plugin was created by Adobe for inclusion in the Webkit project, with Webkit being the browser engine behi...

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Adobe releases emergency Flash update for OS X

Adobe released a security update for its OS X Flash Player that addresses a critical vulnerability being exploited in the wild. According to the Adobe advisory, the CVE-2013-0634 vulnerability targets OS X users running Firefox or Safari who encounter malicious Flash content on website. This vu...

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Flash finally sandboxed in Google Chrome for OS X

The fastest web browser on the Mac just got a little safer. With Chrome 23, Google has introduced a "sandboxed" version of the Adobe Flash plug-in, which helps prevent its use in exploits that could allow harmful code to be run without the user's knowledge. Computerworld reports that Google eng...

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Trojan variation disables Mac malware protection

Researchers from F-Secure warn that a variant on a trojan discovered in September, which masquerades as an Adobe Flash Player installer, now exists and is capable of disabling OS X's built-in malware protection. OSX/Flashback.C disables the auto-updater component of XProtect, which means the ...

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Google Music beta ready for iOS

Google Music beta lets you upload your music library to Google's servers and stream the content to web-connected devices like your computer or Android handset, but not iOS. Several months after launch, the service now supports iOS via a web app optimized for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad....

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Apple updates malware definitions to address fake Flash player trojan

Apple's updated an entry in the anti-malware files of OS X to lock down a trojan that pretends to be a Flash player installer, but actually hijacks users' search results. The trojan is known as "OSX.QHost.WB.A," and claims to install Flash, but instead redirects Google results to an IP in the N...

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Adobe releases Flash 11 and AIR 3 betas

Adobe has released betas of both Flash 11 and Air 3 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The new features that caught my eye right away include full 64-bit support for Flash Player running in browsers (even in Linux!) and support for delivery of full HD video with 7.1 surround sound to AIR-powered T...

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Flash Player for Mac updated to 10.3, adds preference pane and auto-updates

The beta version of Flash Player 10.3 gave way Thursday to the release version, downloadable freely from Adobe for installation on your Mac. The new build finally restores auto-update capability, which was unstable or unsupported on Mac OS X for quite a while. Now you'll be prompted to patch Fl...

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Removing Flash from your Mac

Back in October, Apple shipped its first MacBook Air models without the Adobe Flash plug-in pre-installed. In the ensuing brouhaha, Ars Technica discovered Flash cut battery life by up to 33 percent on the MacBook Air and possibly other MacBook models. Personally, my MacBook often sounds like it's...

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Google's cloud music service to launch without iOS support

According to CNET, Google will unveil its cloud music service, Music Beta, at the I/O Developer Conference. The free service will be invitation-only (and US-only) at launch, and it will allow users to upload up to 20,000 songs onto Google's servers and stream that music to many web-connected de...

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Adobe's Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat updated to close critical security hole

Adobe has issued an update to its popular Flash Player plug-in as well as its Reader and Acrobat software for viewing and editing PDF (portable document format) files. According to Adobe's security bulletin and advisories webpage, a critical vulnerability has been identified in the above mentio...

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Flash Player 10.2 now available, boosts video performance and drops PPC support

Adobe has officially released Flash Player 10.2 for Mac, and it's available for download now. However, Power PC Macs of old are not supported in this version. One of the main new features of Flash Player 10.2 is Stage Video. Building on the H.264 hardware-accelerated decoding found in Flash Playe...

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Flash plugin absence on MacBook Air was deliberate, says Apple

Several of the folks lucky enough to get their hands on new MacBook Air review units noticed something a little strange: the Adobe Flash Player, usually bundled as a browser plugin with new Mac OS X installations, was AWOL. It wasn't clear at first if this was an early-build hiccup or a design decis...

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Adobe posts Flash Player 10.1 for Mac

At long last, Adobe has released Flash Player 10.1 for Mac OS X. There's a huge list of changes with this update; hopefully one will address "...the number one reason Macs crash." The major changes are aimed at developers, and include GPU hardware acceleration, support for dynamic quality during ...

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Apple throws Adobe a bone -- on the Mac

Adobe's Flash Player has never performed as well in Mac OS X as it does on Windows-running PCs. The traditionally poor performance of Adobe's plugin on the Mac has led many iPhone and iPad users to support Apple's decision to keep Flash off of its mobile devices. While the upcoming Flash 10.1 does b...

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