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Clik Clok iPad 2 accessory: Be like Flava Flav

To wear what we feel comfortable calling the "Worst. Accessory. Ever," you need three things. First, more money than sense. Second, a desire to resemble a high-tech version of Flava Flav. And third, a firm belief that the magnets along one side of your iPad 2 are strong enough to hold on to this ...

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Look out, Flava Flav: iPad as fashion statement

"Flava Flav just got outdone!" TUAW reader Paul Stamatiou told us, and I think he's right. It's one thing to wear a clock around your neck as a fashion statement, but walking around a mall wearing an iPad that's playing a music video? How do you top that? You just can't. This guy (who turns out t...

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