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Tag: FlickrExport

FlickrExport for iPhoto and Aperture updated to version 4

FlickrExport, Connected Flow's popular photo management plug-in, has been upgraded to version 4 for both iPhoto and Aperture. Full of new features like video uploading, support for multiple Flickr accounts, the ability to add photos to multiple photosets during uploading and metadata-only uploads in...

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Viewfinder for iPad review and interview with Fraser Speirs

Most Mac users know Fraser Speirs as the developer of FlickrExport which allows you to easily export pictures from iPhoto or Aperture to Flickr. Most iPhone users probably know him from Darkslide (formerly "Exposure"), a Flickr client that he developed for the iPhone. Back in September of 2008, he...

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Two views on iPhone OS and the App Store

Most of you will have heard of Fraser Speirs. He's the developer behind FlickrExport and now Exposure for iPhone. This week he's made two consecutive and interesting posts that show what it's been like to be a software developer during the first few days of the Store's operation. In one post, he com...

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FlickrExport 3 Public Beta

FlickrExport is my favorite iPhoto plugin (and it would be my favorite Aperture plugin too, if I used Aperture), though I will admit that it is the only iPhoto plugin I use. Developer Fraser Speirs has been dropping hints for awhile about the next version of FlickrExport, and now it is available......

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Free Flickr eXporter iPhoto Plug-in

An increasing number of people are storing their whole digital lives online through services like YouTube, Flickr and .Mac. For those Mac users that use Flickr and want to move their photos with a couple clicks in iPhoto, there are a few options including Flickr Uploadr and FlickrExport. Well, here ...

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TUAW talks Flickr with Connected Flow

I have a disclosure to make: I love FlickrExport - Connected Flow's very excellent plugins that allow you export photos straight from iPhoto, or Aperture, to Flickr. It's the reason I took to Flickr - at a time that their website uploader was somewhat basic. Fraser Speirs, the man behind Connected F...

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Another FlickrExport 3 sneak peek: photosets

FlickrExport is one of my must have Mac apps. This little plugin for iPhoto, or Aperture, makes it a breeze to export photos from iPhoto/Aperture to Flickr. Getting your photos on Flickr is only part of the joys that FlickrExport offers up, it also makes tagging your photos very easy (and this is co...

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FlickrExport 3 teaser screencast

Fraser Speirs' FlickrExport plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture are the undisputed kings of bridging the gap between Flickr and your Mac-managed photos. The plug-ins are pretty powerful, offering a lot of strong integration with Flickr by adding photos to sets or creating new sets on the fly, as wel...

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FlickrExport Lite for Aperture, new versions all around

First there was FlickrExport for iPhoto, and it was good. Then its developer, Fraser Speirs, asked us whether we wanted him to make a FlickrExport for Aperture, and the answer to that question was also good. Now there is FlickrExport Lite for Aperture, and as a free product, it looks pretty sweet. P...

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FlickrExport for Aperture 1.0

Fraser Speirs was happy to announce this morning the official 1.0 release of his FlickrExport for Aperture plugin, which provides a direct conduit for your works of art to the heavenly nirvana of Flickr. I don't own Aperture, but the plugin seems to have the same UI and functionality as his #1 smas...

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Fraser Speirs releases FlickrExport updates

Fraser Speirs has released FlickrExport for Aperture 1.0b3 and FlickrExport for iPhoto 2.0.3, both catching up to some changes in the Flickr API. Further, these updates address a few hanging and, in some cases, nasty crashing bugs when uploading or canceling an upload. Fraser has also included a li...

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FlickrExport 2.0.1 released with bug fixes, API update

Fraser Speirs has updated his fantastic FlickrExport plugin for iPhoto to 2.0.1, ushering in a few key bug fixes an an API compatibility update. The specific bugs that Mr. Speirs squashed (murderer!) are the 'Waiting for Flickr' hangup the plugin could sometimes experience upon finishing an upload (...

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Fraser Speirs: "who wants me to make an ApertureExport?"

Fraser Speirs, creator of the highly useful FlickrExport and other apps, is asking for feedback on his blog as to whether users would be interested in a similar ApertureExport app. He warns that ApertureExport wouldn't be quite as well tied into Aperture as FlickrExport is to iPhoto, and this is due...

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Fraser Speirs clears up FlickrExport licensing confusion

It sounds like confusion has arisen over how FlickrExport's licensing terms work; specifically, how many licenses one needs to purchase, and for which machines. To help simplify things, Fraser has adopted terms like The Omni Group uses, which I personally applaud: a user can purchase one license and...

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FlickrExport 2.0 released

The time has come: FlickrExport 2.0 is upon us. It is a very nice update to this indispensable plugin for iPhoto, but the only thing that you're really interested in is how much it now costs. A single license will set you back £12 (that's about $21 US). There is a 30 day demo available with t...

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