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Tag: Flight Control

Flight Control Rocket sequel out now

This game appeared for the first time relatively quietly at GDC, but it's now available on the App Store, so check out the sequel to one of the App Store's most popular games ever, Flight Control. The new one is called Flight Control Rocket, and though I was told that it was put together by the...

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GDC 2011: Firemint's Agent Squeek

Australia's Firemint is perhaps one of the most popular developers on the iPhone. Firemint's games, Flight Control, Real Racing and Real Racing 2, can be found in any Apple Store, and likely on most iPhones, too. The company's founder, Rob Murry, and his new acquisition, Infinite Interactive'...

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Firemint sells 3 million copies of Flight Control

Firemint has shared some sales figures about Flight Control over on its blog. The now classic line-drawing game was recently listed in the top paid apps of all time on the App Store, and so Firemint decided to reveal a little bit about how many copies it's sold and when. The grand total is exactly ...

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iPhone developer Firemint buys Infinite Interactive, makers of Puzzle Quest

Wow. Color me surprised on this one -- I've been joking around lately about iPhone company acquisitions and buyouts, but here are two companies that never occurred to me. Firemint, creators of the popular Flight Control and Real Racing 2 games on iOS, has outright purchased Infinite Interactive, th...

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Firemint releases free, ad-supported Flight Control to App Store

Firemint confirmed today that it is launching a free, ad-supported version of its popular Flight Control game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app has received the rubber stamp of approval from Apple and should appear on the App Store in the upcoming days. The free version has the same gamepl...

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Review: Flight Control HD for Mac

Firemint's Flight Control has long been one of my favorite iPhone games; it was one of the first apps I bought. When I first heard the game was being ported to the Mac, I wondered how well the game's control scheme would work. Flight Control's gameplay seemed tailor-made for the touchscreens on the ...

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Firemint's Flight Control HD coming to Mac App Store

The dust hasn't even settled in the wake of Apple's announcement of the Mac App Store, but one well-known developer is already on board. Firemint, creator of Flight Control for the iPhone/iPod touch and Flight Control HD for the iPad, has announced it will bring Flight Control HD to the Mac via the...

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Games updated for Game Center (soon)

As you might have noticed if you've added a few friends in Apple's new Game Center service, the backbone social components are working great. But where, exactly, are all of the games? Developers have actually had access to Apple's service for quite a while now -- it was introduced to them under NDA...

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GDC 2010: Real Racing and Flight Control on the iPad with Firemint

We got to sit down with Australian developer Firemint here at the Game Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco -- it's a mobile game developer who hit it big last year with the very popular iPhone game Flight Control, and while it used to make mobile games for just a handful of larger game publ...

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Video of games on the iPad, and what developers plan to do with them

Unfortunately, we weren't able to attend the event in San Francisco yesterday, but our good friends at Joystiq were, and they've brought back this video of Need for Speed: Shift [iTunes link] and a few other games running on the iPad. Not only can you see how the accelerometer works (exactly the ...

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Buyer's Guide: 33 things you don't need if you have an iPhone

Every time I walk through Warehouse Stationery (New Zealand's equivalent to Office Depot) or Dick Smith's Electronics (pretty much Best Buy), I'm struck by how probably half the products in each store are pretty much useless to me since I've got an iPhone. Thanks to the apps that come pre-package...

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WWDC Demo: Harbor Master

I shot some video of a preview build for Harbor Master back at WWDC, and I'll upload that to our Facebook page later, but I also shot a quick video of Harbor Master's gameplay (on the next page). If you play Flight Control -- and those who do find it hard to put down -- you will absolutely love Harb...

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Think you're good at Flight Control?

Here I was, thinking our fine TUAW readership was pretty great at playing Flight Control. Yesterday, as part of a post about the new game Trains, I asked for everyone's high scores, and I thought we were doing well. Commenter DJ won our informal competition (no prizes, sorry, beyond the satisfactio...

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Trains for iPhone: For lovers of Flight Control, except with trains

I have a particular affinity for trains. My father and grandfather both worked on the railroad, presumably all the live-long day. When a train rolls by, I'll make a comment about the engine or trucks or what-have-you, and my girlfriend will madly clap her hands together and yell yay twains! in a du...

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