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iOS commands 14% of market share in Samsung's home country

Industry analysis firm Flurry has disclosed a fascinating little morsel of information: in South Korea, the home of Samsung, Apple's iOS devices account for one out of seven -- 14 percent -- of all mobile devices used in the country. Why is that number so surprising? South Korean manufacturers ha...

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Report: Customer retention is a major factor for the App Store

Yes, the conclusion of this report might be a little obvious to anyone who's been following the App Store closely, but it's true: Flurry's latest writeup of App Store stats suggests that keeping users playing a game or using an app can be a major factor in that app's success. Flurry filed the a...

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WSJ: Apple's App Store climbs towards $25 billion in sales

The Wall Street Journal has posted an article covering the meteoric rise of the App Store, from its inception just a few years ago to its current state of almost $25 billion in annual sales. But while the App Store is growing like crazy, it's also presenting more problems for developers as well...

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App downloads hit 1.76 billion during holiday week

With so many new smartphones and tablets in use thanks to holiday gifting, it follows that app download rates are typically elevated between Christmas Day and the first day of the new year, but 2012 was a special year. Flurry reports that between December 25 and December 31, a whopping 1.76 bil...

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Flurry: 17 million iOS, Android devices activated on Christmas Day

If you received a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas, you're not alone; VentureBeat reports that over 17 million new iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas day, according to analytics firm Flurry. That's a bump of over 330 percent over the average of the 20 days preceding the b...

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Tablet and smartphone use detailed by age group, gender

In an effort to better understand the growing tablet and smartphone markets, Flurry Analytics studied over 30 million consumers to paint a picture of just who is utilizing the devices, and for what purpose. Some of the takeaways fall in line with what you might expect: The 25-34 age group domin...

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Flurry details app retention by app category, users love weather apps

Flurry has looked at app engagement and retention with its great series of reports on app usage, and the company has now returned to the subject in a new release. This time, the mobile advertising firm looks at app retention within certain categories to see which kinds of apps users are able to...

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iOS and Android make for fastest tech adoption ever

Mobile marketing and analytics firm Flurry has another great research post up, this time about the speed of adoption for both iOS and Android. This one goes a little far into comparing apples and oranges, so to speak, but it's still interesting. Flurry notes that both iOS and Android app usages...

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App usage doesn't drop during Super Bowl -- except during halftime

Mobile advertiser Flurry's latest report, on app usage during the Super Bowl, is fascinating for those of us who have been following the "second screen" phenomenon: The tendency of mobile device users to use their devices while also watching television or other media. Flurry notes that during last...

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Report: iOS and Android apps fighting for retention, not discovery

The latest Flurry report has an interesting insight for app developers. Over the last few years, as apps have gained more and more attention and users, discovery has been one of the biggest issues developers face: Most devs spend a lot of their time post-release just trying to tell as many peop...

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Younger audiences play more freemium games, but 25-34 year-olds pay for them

Flurry's latest post is yet another interesting read on freemium games on the App Store, specifically which age groups are playing them, and which age groups are paying for them. They've used consumer spending data across over 1.4 billion sessions, which means this information is as accurate as...

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Freemium items may make money for devs, but aren't kept by consumers

The developers behind the iOS game Hungry Shark recently released some statistics showing just how powerful the freemium model (in which customers download an app or game for free, and then support it with in-app purchases) can be. While the game floundered as a paid app, it's gotten much more ...

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Study: Average customer spends $14 in freemium games on iOS and Android

This is pretty crazy news from mobile analytics firm Flurry: The average customer in a freemium game on iOS and Android spends $14 in any given transaction, according to their latest data. The same study already revealed that in-app purchases have overtaken standard purchases when it comes to m...

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iPad 2, Verizon iPhone causing developer migration from Android platform

Flurry Analytics regularly studies new project starts among its clients, and its numbers for Q2 2011 show a decline in Android's developer support compared to the previous quarter. New project starts on the Android platform declined from 36 percent to 28 percent, which Flurry notes is the secon...

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Mobile apps leaving the web behind in usage

Mobile ad company Flurry has released a new analysis on its official blog stating that customers are making the transition lately from using the mobile web to spending more of their daily time in mobile apps. In the early days of smartphone prominence (and by "early days," we mean about three y...

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