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JBL reveals wireless AirPlay speaker dock for iPhone or iPod touch

As you can see above, the JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay is a pretty intriguing speaker dock for your iPhone or iPod. Not only does it sport that Dyson-style ring, but it's got an attached FM radio, a dual alarm clock, and even a screen to display the current name and album art of the song you hap...

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Rumor: Apple considering HD radio in future devices

Way back two or three years ago, we first heard about some HD radios coming out that would allow for iTunes tagging of songs for later purchase. I guess Apple thought that was a mighty nifty idea, as they later gave similar capability to the latest iPod nano, and the company has recently filed for a...

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Rumor: Apple adding FM Radio to the iPhone and iPod touch?

Just like the 5th generation iPod nano that was introduced last month, Apple may soon be adding the capability to tune in to FM radio stations on the iPhone and iPod touch, if this report from 9to5Mac is on the money. As some of you may remember, the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chipsets in the iPhone 3GS and th...

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Report: iPods stealing radio listeners

When I read this article at Podcasting News, I immediately saw myself. The very first iPod accessory I really fell in love with was my original iTrip FM transmitter, which I bought a couple of years ago. I have since replaced it with a RoadTrip, but one thing remains the same: It comes with me each ...

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Apple brings FM radio to the iPod

No, it's not as sexy as the iMac and MacBook Pro (I'm still not thrilled about that name), but today Apple announced the availability of the Radio Remote, which adds FM radio to the iPod nano and iPod with video. When connected to your iPod, a "radio" menu option becomes available. When se...

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