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Belkin releases FM transmitter with iPhone app for finding clear stations

Belkin has announced the release of their latest FM transmitter for the iPhone and iPod touch, the TuneCast Auto Live. You know these things -- they plug into your iPhone or iPod touch's dock connector, and then send a local FM signal out to your car's radio, enabling wireless transmission of your ...

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Hack your VW's budvase for the iPhone

Perhaps you've seen a Volkswagen Beetle driving around with a flower in its dashboard bud vase. People put all sorts of things in there, but we say ditch the gerbera daisies and go for something more useful. Bug owner Nathan Barry has hacked his bud vase to accommodate his iPhone. By sawing away on...

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Griffin iTrip AutoPilot FM transmitter for iPhone

The iTrip AutoPilot from Griffin is one of the first FM transmitter/chargers compatible with the iPhone. It features Griffin's SmartScan to automatically find and save three FM stations with the least interference and supports RDS allowing compatible radios to display track information on the head ...

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Griffin announces iTrip Pocket

Late last week, Griffin announced the availability of the iTrip Pocket, their smallest FM transmitter yet. Designed to match the overall look of the iPod nano, it's about the size of a matchbook and will work with the 1st and 2nd generation iPod nano, as well as the 4th and 5th generation iPod. Plus...

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Griffin iTrips to be legalized in Ireland

Legalize it! That's what a number of Irish iPod owners have been hoping would happen, and it just may come to pass by the end of the year, according to BreakingNews.ie. Up until now, the small FM transmitters by Griffin technology that allow for the wireless broadcast of music stored on an iPod over...

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DLO introduces the nanoTune

DLO today announced the availability of the nanoTune, an accessory for the iPod nano that's designed to fill several roles. When connected to your nano, the nanoTune acts as protective case, FM transmitter, FM radio and headphone amplifier (DLO claims a 25% increase in volume, to the delight of audi...

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Griffin's iTrip comes to Switzerland

Griffin Technology's iTrip FM transmitter for the iPod is now available in Switzerland. According to Griffin, "Recent changes in Swiss law have opened the door to broadcast in Switzerland over the FM radio spectrum (87.9 - 107.9)." Until recently, Swiss law has strictly regulated devices t...

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