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Beautiful Weather for Mac is beautiful, but limited

Weather apps must be among the most plentiful categories of software for iOS and the Mac. Every week or so, I see some new ones. It was inevitable that the very nice-looking Yahoo Weather app for iOS would catch developers' attention, so now we have Beautiful Weather for the Mac, a US$1.99 app ava...

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Forecast is a great little weather web app

There are so many weather apps. They tend to fall into two groups. Way too much information for me, or fluffy little icons that are pretty and just don't have enough of the information I want. A friend suggested I take a peek at Forecast, a free web app from the people who make a very serious...

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WeatherBug Elite for iPhone adds real time lightning sensors

As I see it there are two kinds of weather programs. There are the 'pretty' weather apps with beautiful animations and graphics that are somewhat short on in-depth data, and there are the apps that dive very deeply into data like precipitation totals and trends. Then there are a lot of in-between...

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Daily iPad App: Weather Live

We've reviewed plenty of weather apps for the iPad on TUAW. Matter of fact I think the high number of weather apps we've reviewed is due to the fact that we're still looking for the perfect iPad weather app. Weather Live isn't that app. It's good, just not the holy grail. First the good. I li...

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Aelios Weather app for iPad gets more features, retains beautiful look

I took a look at Aelios Weather last spring and loved the idea of a weather app that looked like a crafted physical object rather than a bunch of techno dials. Aelios has just been updated, and it retains its unique look while adding some worthwhile features and some under the hood speed-ups. Y...

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iPad 2 production shortfall cause: LCD and speaker issues

IHS iSuppli cut its forecast for yearly iPad sales following Apple's earnings conference call on April 20. iSuppli predicts the Cupertino company will ship 39.7 million iPads in 2010, a 9.1 percent reduction from its earlier forecast of 43.7 million. Apple confirmed during its earnings confer...

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TUAW's Daily App: Weather HD for iPhone

You may already know all about Weather HD -- the app made a nice splash when it was released early in the iPad's life. But Vimov has just released it for the iPhone, and even on the smaller screen, it leaves quite an impression. The idea is that instead of a tiny little icon or a big number telling ...

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First Look: Weather HD for iPad

VIMOV's Weather HD combines standard weather forecasting with video backdrops. Although I doubt the application comes with the new age music track, you can tell from this preview that it focuses on looks. I was a little surprised to see the floaty utility-style palette. You'd think that new we...

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iPad suppliers forecast shipments of 8 - 10 million for calendar year 2010

Analyst Katy Huberty at Morgan Stanley has published a research note forecasting shipments of 8 - 10 million iPads during calendar year 2010. That's significantly more than previous estimates, which showed shipments of about 5 million devices. The note, as reported in a WSJ All Things Digital post, ...

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Get your current weather from Outside

Outside [iTunes link] is a new, personal weather app for the iPhone/iPod touch that provides a visual forecast with some paid options for push notifications. I like the idea of the app; it has some nice graphics and a fresh approach to weather information. The GUI is based on a metaphor of looking o...

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