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Weather or Not gives you weather forecasts for events on your calendar

What a clever idea for a weather app! Weather or Not (US$2.99) takes two things important in your daily life -- weather and your schedule -- and blends the two. On its own, Weather or Not is a very nice weather app with beautiful animated graphics. You get the temperature, wind and humidity at wh...

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MeteoEarth is a high-end weather app for iPad with a catch

MeteoEarth is a US$4.99 weather app with enough visual treats to makes your iPad's screen look like something from a TV weathercast. In fact, much of the display tech in the app was adopted from professional weather applications. The app offers high-resolution animated graphics of precipitation...

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Put stunning weather info on your iPhone or iPad

We've praised Weather HD many times here at TUAW, and now the folks at Vimov have outdone themselves with Weather HD 2 (US$0.99), making a gorgeous app even prettier. Weather animations have been completely redone, with 3D maps you'll be proud to have just sitting on the screen when your iPad or...

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Daily iPhone app: Rain Aware

There are dozens of weather apps for the iPhone, and most are variations on a theme. Not Rain Aware, an extremely interesting weather app that will tell you when it is going to rain, and when it is going to stop. It does it in very plain language, and as near as I can tell it does it pretty well....

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A look at Weather+ and more weather apps for your forecasting pleasure

There are dozens of weather apps available for iOS. Most of us are pretty interested in the weather, no matter where we live. It can affect our schedules, our driving and our recreation. In my case, I do both landscape and astronomical photography, so I'm all over the latest weather information a...

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A tale of two iPad weather apps

Since Apple stripped the iPhone weather app from the iPad, it left the door open for 3rd parties to do their thing. They've done just that, and I'd like to spotlight two apps that come at weather from very different places. We've looked briefly at both these apps. Our Victor Agreda Jr. used an...

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