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Heroes and Castles updated to version 3.0

Foursaken Media's Heroes and Castles has been updated yet again, with lots of new content to play. The game, which allows you to level up a hero by defending a town and its various resources against an army of invading minions, has been popular for Foursaken already, and the team told me during ...

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Daily iPhone App: Heroes and Castles combines action and tower defense into one game

Heroes and Castles is the latest game from the guys at Foursaken Media (who, I believe, I first met up with at Macworld around this time last year). It's a little bit more involved than anything else I've seen them do -- on the surface, I'd probably compare it most to the great Dungeon Defender...

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Foursaken Media's four brothers take on the App Store

Foursaken Media is one of the most interesting companies I got to meet at last week's Macworld | iWorld 2012. It's made up of four real-life brothers who come from different backgrounds (one of them was a math teacher, and with their Dad a former band director and Mom a CS major turned nurse, they...

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