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AVP Evolution hosting a contest to put fan art in the game

Fox recently released an official Aliens vs. Predator action game on the App Store called AVP Evolution, which you can pick up if interested right now for US$4.99. Unfortunately, we weren't that impressed with the game here at TUAW -- it's a pretty boring action game with some solid graphics (a...

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The Simpsons skewer iPad obsession with A Tree Grows In Springfield

This past Sunday night The Simpsons ran an episode with what has now become a semi-regular guest star: Mapple Computer. This episode devoted a considerable chunk of the story to Homer's obsession with his newly won MyPad. I can't give away any more due to spoilers, but suffice it to say the man...

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HBO confirms negotiations with Fox and Universal for iCloud video streaming

You may recall that after last week's introduction of the new Apple TV, we noted that Fox and Universal weren't providing iCloud video streaming content due to existing contractual obligations with HBO. Well, that's a temporary situation, as the Wall Street Journal is reporting that HBO is working ...

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Time Warner adds Fox and Discovery channels back to app

It's been a back and forth saga with the TWCable TV iPad app. A month ago Time Warner released the app, which let Time Warner cable subscribers view live TV on their iPads, as long as they were connected to their TWC/Road Runner-powered home networks. Less than two days later, Time Warner had to...

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Time Warner Cable iPad app drops channels under programmer pressure

Time Warner's TWCable TV app has been forced to drop several channels after some programmers demanded it do so. The app allows Time Warner subscribers to watch TV shows on their iPads without paying any additional fees, and that "no additional fees" part is apparently what some programmers weren't...

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NBC says no to iTunes rentals at 99 cents

With reports of credit cards being charged for Apple TV pre-orders, it's only a short time before Apple's hobby takes a rather serious step forward. But with only ABC and Fox having signed up to Apple's new $0.99 price point to rent television shows, it seems there's a lot hanging in the balance. Mo...

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Tonight on Fox31: Georgia TV station buys iPads for news anchors

Someone at Fox affiliate WFXL in Albany, GA must have had the brilliant insight that an iPad looks a lot like a pad of paper. That insight is going to save the TV station about $9,600 per year. WFXL purchased 6 iPads to replace the paper scripts that their news anchors use. According to News Dire...

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Dr. House couldn't diagnose a good app if his life depended on it

Fox has released InHouse [free], an app that supposedly takes users into the world of House M.D. First off, let me say I'm a fan of the show; it's witty, funny, and keeps me entertained for forty-two minutes each week. The Dr. House app, on the other hand, is lame, boring, and has content that would...

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Smule's Glee app puts a song in your heart and on your phone

Enthusiastic fans of Fox's hit teen angst 'n jazz hands show Glee refer to themselves as 'gleeks,' a portmanteau of glee and geek. It's a sure bet that the gleeks will be beside themselves when they hit the App Store today and see the new US$2.99 Glee app, which brings the show's musical numbers to ...

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Palm and Verizon looking to take shine off Apple and AT&T

In a minefield of failed "iPhone killers" one is making some headway on fulfilling that murderous promise: the Palm Pre. Perhaps it's no surprise: the Palm Pre was conceived by a team that includes plenty of Apple alumni, including Jon Rubenstein, who was made Palm's CEO yesterday to replace Ed Coll...

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First Look: 24: Special Ops for iPhone

Digital Chocolate has nabbed the 24 license (along with a few sounds and music bits) from Fox, and they've released an iPhone game based on my favorite TV show ever. Unfortunately, things don't get quite as good as they probably should, but the run-and-gun gameplay mixes it up with a nice variety of...

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Fox releases X-Files branded iPods

We know -- you've wanted an iPod for years, but you've always wanted one branded with your favorite TV show, and that 90210 version didn't cut it. Boy, is it your lucky day. Fox has released some "Limited Edition" X-Files iPod Classics and Nanos, ready for your purchase right now for only $329.00....

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iTunes Digital Copy

iTunes Digital Copy sort of snuck into the Keynote, but it is a pretty big deal (that we already knew about). Starting today if you buy any 20th Century Fox DVD that is labeled 'iTunes Digital Copy' you'll not only get the physical DVD, but a digital copy. Simply insert the disk into your Mac or PC,...

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iTunes now supports movie rentals

iTunes 7.6 is out, and it finally has something we've been hearing about for a long time: movie rentals. As announced at the Macworld Keynote earlier today, Apple has made deals with all of the major studios to provide streaming, downloadable flicks for you to watch on your computer, iPod or iPhon...

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Family Guy appears on iTunes

We've heard many times before that Fox was interested in getting on iTunes, and now it seems a deal has been worked out-- Family Guy has appeared on iTunes. Now you can watch the Griffins (including Stewie, definitely my favorite) on your Apple TV, iPod, or iPhone. There's only one episode up as o...

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