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Hungry Shark Evolution swims back to life with 3D graphics

For a long time, one of my favorite games on iOS was Hungry Shark. It's a simple but addictive game that allows you to control a shark that swims around a wonderfully inventive undersea world eating as much as you can -- whether that was other fish, swimmers or even mad scientist villains strai...

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Daily iPhone App: Grabatron

For those of you who enjoy Future Games of London's Hungry Shark series, you might want to check out its new game: Grabatron (US$0.99 for the iPhone version, $2.99 on the iPad). Designed as a homage to 1950's monster and alien invasion movies, you play as a UFO which uses a claw to abduct farm ...

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Pool fans should check out Snooker Club for iPhone and iPad

Future Games of London, makers of the popular Pool Bar - Online Hustle and (my favorite) Hungry Shark games, have just released Snooker Club for iOS. For those of you who don't know, snooker is a pool-like game popular in Commonwealth countries. You play it on a 12-foot table with 22 balls. The pe...

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Win a copy of Hungry Shark 3 for iPhone

The guys at Future Games of London have just released Hungry Shark 3 for iPhone. The Hungry Shark series is one of my favorite games for iOS (you can read my review of Hungry Shark Trilogy for iPad here). Hungry Shark 3 pits Hungry Shark against shark finners, mad scientists and leaking oil rig...

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