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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me fix my file associations

Dear Aunt TUAW, Good lord, why does Spotify want to open .m4v files? And how do I make it stop that? Your loving nephew, Nehi Dear Nehi, Eh? What was that? Auntie was just giving the kids some Werthers in exchange for them agreeing to play quietly outside the house. Spotify? Good hea...

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Mac 101: Find where a file came from

If you frequently download files via iChat file transfer or Safari, then you may want to know where the files came from later on. This information can be found using a simple Get Info command in the Finder. Right-click on the questionable file and select "Get Info" (you can also click once on the...

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FileXaminer: a super "Get Info"

FileXaminer is like the Finder's built-in Get Info (??? - i) on steroids. The features are manifold, allowing you to edit permissions and ownership, dates, type and creator codes and much more. It's particularly handy for editing file attributes that the Finder simply won't let you touch. There are ...

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TUAW Tip: Stationery Pad option makes a template of any file

The Finder's Get Info window (View > Get Info or cmd-i) is one of those unsung heroes of Mac OS X computing. It houses a lot of great options, and Stationery Pad is one of them. If you have any kind of workflow where you need to repeatedly modify some sort of a file template, checking this option...

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Macworld: The many faces of Get Info

The Get Info window works in a few similar but at times mysterious ways, and Rob Griffiths has put together an article that outlines each of its three iterations in Mac OS X 10.4 (Panther has two). While this might be rudimentary to some of you hard-core Mac OS X users out there, this is a handy fea...

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