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Tag: GettingThingsDone

Put Things Off is an iPhone task manager worth owning

I'll admit to being a productivity geek. For me, getting things done is almost as fun as fiddling with my system. After trying every app I could, I've come to a conclusion: Paper is where it's at. There's nothing more flexible and full of potential. You can make arrangements to meet a friend or solv...

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Dejumble 1.1.1 provides another way to get things done

Yeah, it seems like YAGTDA (Yet Another Getting Things Done App), but Dejumble actually caught my attention. Thinking Code recently created this Leopard-only application as an unobtrusive way to keep track of your to-do list, and the latest released version does the job very well. Dejumble lives in ...

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GTD with the Mac and a cool custom setup

Leo Babauta at Zen Habits has posted a nice overview of Getting Things Done on the Mac, including many of the applications you'd expect, like iGTD Kinkless GTD OmniFocus Things Midnight Inbox We've written about all of these applications before. What's interesting is the custom solution...

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iGTD released with new Quick Add features, multiple Dock badges, more

Yep, it's that time again boys and girls: Bartlomiej Bargiel has updated iGTD with yet another unassuming point release that heralds some great new features. While you can simply run the Check for Updates command from the application menu to see the big list o' changes, here are some of the highl...

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iGTD Pro details, Inbox Widget released

Bartlomiej Bargiel has been hard at work on iGTD, his incredibly powerful task task manager based on David Allen's Getting Things Done philosophy, and has recently unleashed news on what he has in store for iGTD Pro. As a matter of fact, iGTD will be split into three versions: iGTD Basic (the one...

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Jott2iGTD: Use voicemail to add tasks to iGTD

As many of you know, iGTD is a killer task management app that can't stop bringing cool features to the table. As fewer of you might know, Brett Terpstra at the Circle Six Design blog also can't seem to stop bringing awesome tools and features to the table; he's responsible for stuff like the Fli...

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What ToDo: GTD, Yet Again

I have to admit that I've never quite understood the fascination so many people seem to have with the whole Getting Things Done (GTD) meme. Nonetheless, no doubt due in large part to Merlin Mann's advocacy, the GTD thing seems to have become particularly at home on the Mac. And in fact, there are a ...

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Ghost Action GTD gets things done with iSync

As if enough GTD apps aren't already landing (or still in the oven), a new kid has just hit the block in the form of Ghost Action GTD. It takes a more basic GUI approach to getting things done, with the addition of full-featured syncing. Like Actiontastic, Ghost Action GTD syncs with iCal, but it...

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Doin' the Hipster Shuffle

I'm a fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done. As such, I always have my Hipster PDA with me, as well as my iPod. What if I could combine the two..? Andrew at Restless Dreaming has done it with the Hipster Shuffle. Just replace your hPDA's binder clip with an iPod shuffle (now in color!). Rock out ...

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MailTags 2 beta gets major todo and event enhancements, goes 'feature complete'

Scott Morrison has released a 6th beta of MailTags 2, his quintessential tagging and organizing plug-in for that we're big fans of. This new beta heralds a 'feature complete' status for the plug-in, meaning that Scott has implemented all the new features and tricks that version 2 will ha...

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Actiontastic GTD app updates with iPod syncing, more

The GTD space has been heating up lately, and Actiontastic seems to be the innovative leader, at least since I've been considering giving these apps a whirl. Jon Crosby, the developer, added a Quicksilver action early last month, and now he's gone and raised the bar with iPod syncing. In a long po...

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Midnight Inbox finally hits 1.0

We've blogged about Midnight Inbox a few times before and have been tracking its progress through a rather buggy, but promising, beta phase. Well today Midnight Inbox, the first true GTD (Getting Things Done) app finally became a 1.0 app and it deserves a pat on the back for a job well done. Midni...

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Actiontastic beta

It would seem that lots of people out there are getting things done, judging by the number of Getting Things Done applications that are coming out. Actiontastic, now in beta, is another entry into the GTD market on OS X. The power of Actiontastic, according to its developer, is in the simplicity of...

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Midnight Inbox

People are crazy for this whole 'Getting Things Done' organizational method (sometimes it seems a bit cult like to me, and I'm an Apple blogger!). Many people have mashed and tweaked together various applications to get something resembling a true GTD (that's what those in the know call it) client....

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Hawk Wings lists 10 Mac OS X tools for Getting Things Done

Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings has compiled a list of ten Mac OS X tools that can help you implement the Getting Things Done philosophy in the way you work. The tools are broken down into three categories: email clients, dedicated GTD apps and web-based solutions for that ultimate cross-platform effect. M...

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