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Walmart launches trade-in program with special iOS offers till August 25

Trade-in programs are common among big retailers like Best Buy and Amazon, but there's one ubiquitous icon in the American marketplace that has up until now not dipped its toe in the water of buybacks. You know it as Walmart. This week Walmart is launching a new program called "Gadget to Gift Card...

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Target offering free gift card with iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple TV purchase

The discount department store Target is offering a free gift card with the purchase of several Apple products this week. As first noticed by 9to5 Mac, Target's weekly circular is offering gift cards ranging from US$10-$50 with the purchase of various iOS devices and the Apple TV. 9to5 Mac states t...

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Redeem iTunes gift cards with iTunes 11 and your Mac's camera

One of the coolest iTunes 11 features has got to be the new redemption system. It allows you to scan gift codes using your Mac's camera system. As the screen shot above shows, all you have to do is hold up your iTunes barcode and let your camera do the work. No more laborious typing of barcode-...

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Passbook-enabled gift cards now available via Apple Store app

We knew it was coming and yesterday's Apple Store app update made it a reality: You can now use Passbook-enabled virtual gift cards to pay for items at Apple retail outlets. The refreshed app has added the ability for customers to purchase gift card codes which are sent via email. The codes can th...

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Examining an iTunes Store account hack

ZDNet has a long report on a recently hacked iTunes account that involved a linked PayPal account. We've seen an increase in the number of hacked iTunes accounts in which people's gift card balance or linked accounts have been mysteriously drained. This report, like many others, leaves us wonderin...

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Apple adds iPad 2 to its recycling program

If you're looking for another outlet to offload an iPad 2, then you should check out Apple's reuse and recycling program. The program now accepts the iPad 2 and will give you an Apple Gift Card if your tablet is still operational. It'll also take broken devices that would normally land in the refu...

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Some iTunes customers still struggle with account hacking

Late last year, reports of hacked iTunes accounts and unauthorized purchases surfaced on Apple support forums. People complained their accounts were compromised and their gift card balances drained by in-app purchases. Most cannot remember falling for a phishing scam and had no idea why or how the ...

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Facebook gains iTunes gift card feature just in time for Christmas

The 350 million users of popular social networking site Facebook now have another application they can benefit from -- the ability to purchase iTunes gift cards for other Facebook users. This timely functionality, reports The Loop, will let Facebook fans use the familiar interface to purchase an...

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Apple gives developers the ability to use promo codes

Apple has now given developers the ability to use promo codes to give away copies of their applications on the App Store. Previously, developers had to build a special version of their application (i.e. Ad-hoc copy) that included a mobile provisioning file and the actual application. These two files...

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Are your iTunes gifts arriving?

Everyone knows about conventional giftcards and how they provide windfall profits for retailers. So what about undelivered iTunes gift songs and gift cards? In an electronics-only world, does it really matter to a retailer whether they get used or not? TUAW reader Lawrence Harvey pointed us to this...

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Save 10% - iTunes $50 gift card for $45 at Costco

Christopher Breen at Playlist's iPod blog found a great little deal on iTunes gift cards. Costco.com is offering the $50 gift card for $45 while supplies last. Breen mentions that local Costcos brick and mortar retail outlets may have a limited supply available for sale as well. This is a great pric...

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iTunes gift cards from Coinstar machines

You may have seen those Coinstar machines in your local supermarket. Basically, they turn the coins you've collected in your change jar into bills (for a small fee, usually 8.9%). Recently, they've added a few non-cash alternatives for you to choose from, like charitable donations and prepaid gift c...

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